Add an Attribute Value Discount to a Service 

Add an attribute value discount to a service 

Some attribute values may have their own discounts.
In contrast to the Service Attribute Discount, with this feature you can set up different discount ranges on your different attribute values. That means, if you already have added different attribute price values to your service, you can choose one (or more) of them to add a value discount, the others will not change.

To add an Attribute Value Discount:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Service Settings
  3. Click Services List
  4. Click Manage Attributes below a service
  5. Click Service Attribute Value Discount below an attribute
  6. Select a value from the dropdown list and add all discount ranges for the value
  7. Press Save

On this example the kangaroo unit price is $10,When you have added your Attribute Value Discount and a user selects a quantity between 5 and 10, the system will automatically decrease the unit price by $0.5 to $1 depending on the quantity.

The others prices that you already have configured will not change. On this example, there are two different types of data selected:
the “Wet food” which has no discount: $10, multiplied by the quantity: 5 = $50
The “Kangaroo”, the unit price is $10 but has a discount with this quantity: the new unit price is 9.5 multiplied by the same quantity = $47.50
You can see on the picture that the system gives you automatically the right total: $97.50
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