Add Custom Field Values

Add custom field values

 When creating a new custom field , you have to choose the type of this custom field. There are different types of custom fields. Some fields will require a drop down box for the user to select an option whereas others require a text field for the user to type in information. When you add a custom field, you need to determine the type of this field. Types of custom fields are: date picker, text box (multiline), text field (one line), toggle (yes or no), dropdown, checkbox, (+/-) button, list General overview.
If a custom field has a number of options available to the user, for example, a drop down box or multi-select, you need to add the values that are available as options to the user. The required fields will appear for you to add these values according to the custom field type you chose.  To do this:
  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Service Settings
  3. Select Custom Fields
  4. Click Create Custom Field
  5. Fill in the fields with your custom field details
  6. Choose the custom field type you want and the required fields will appear for you to add the values

7. Enter the value
8. Repeat until you have added all values available to users for this custom field
9. Press Save

This screen shot is when the custom field type is a drop down. Write the value name in Title. Choose if you want choosing this specific value to affect the service original price. If yes, then add the additional cost per unit to be applied when calculating the price in Default additional cost. Add the additional time required when choosing this value in Additional Time. Then add all the other values the same way by pressing Add a new selection.

This screen shot is when the custom field type is a  a (+/-) button.


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