Apply a Price Zone to a Service

Service price zone

You have 3 different ways to setup a Price Zone :
  1. Service Price Zone : You can assign a Price Zone to the whole service, that means the system will add your price zone on all the attributes of your service without distinction.
  2. Service Attribute Price Zone : You can assign a different price zone to one or more attributes of your service. This feature works only if your attribute has just a unique price.
  3. Service Attribute Value Price Zone : If your attribute has different value price, you can use this feature to assign a different price zone for each value of your attribute.
You can only use one of these features per attribute.
In any case, the Price Zone feature automatically updates the price of a service when the right location is selected.

Service Price Zone

If a service is priced differently in other locations, you can create zones and add a price to each zone for a specific service, so that the correct price for a service is applied when the location is selected.
To do this:
  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Service Settings
  3. Under a service, click Service Price Zone
  4. Enter the zone name and select the locations included in this zone, then enter the unit price for this zone
  5. Enter this information for all zones
  6. Press Save
For example, If you already have set up the price for dog food in New South Wales, but in the Northern Territory it is more expensive:

On all new bookings, every time you select the food service for a customer who comes from Northern Territory the total amount will be automatically increased by $15.

Then you can choose the option and have the right price effortlessly!
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