Apply a Price Zone to an Attribute

Apply a price zone to an attribute

The Service Attribute Price Zone allows you to configure a different price for each zone on your service’s options.
The Service Attribute Price Zone is reserved for the attribute without different value price. That means, to use this feature you must have only one unique price on the attribute you want to set up, you can’t have a different value price.
Otherwise, you have to use the Service Price Zone which allows you to apply a price zone on all your attributes’ service, or you can use the Attribute Value Price Zone to apply a different price zone on each value of your attribute. You can apply only one kind of Price Zone feature on your attribute service.
To do this:
  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Service Settings
  3. Under a service, click Manage Attributes
  4. Under an attribute, click Service Attribute Price Zone
  5. Enter the zone name and select the locations included in this zone, then enter the unit price for this zone: when you will select this zone on your booking, the system will automatically add this price to your service unit price.

6. Enter this information for all zones
7. Press Save
For example, on the House Sitting service, Zone 1 contains Queensland and Tasmania. If I select one of these states my service attribute price zone appears.

My unit price for this attribute is $50, by selecting Queensland the system automatically asks me to confirm if I want to apply the new price with the Service Attribute Price Zone which is $10 more.
To confirm the new price, press the red button “Apply recommended unit price”. In this case the price would have incremented to $60 ($50 house sitting service + $10 Service Attribute Price Zone = $60).

If you have another attribute on this service without attribute price zone, the price stays the same. The system will just add this attribute unit price to the total.
On the example below, the price for shampoo is $10, whatever the zone. If I add a shampoo on my booking, the system adds only $10 without anything else. ($50 house sitting service + $10 Service Attribute Price Zone + $10 shampoo = $70)

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