Service Settings General Overview

Service settings general overview

Service Settings allows you to configure all the services your company provides.
To do this, you will first need to add a new service then you will need to create a new attribute (These two initial steps are compulsory in order for to set up your Service Settings).
Your Service and your Attribute/s are linked and you will need to assign them to each other once you have created them. The attributes are the options of your service, for example, your company provides massage as a service, but on this same service you have different kinds of massages, thanks to the Attribute Values you can add different options to the same service.
Once you have set up your Attribute, you can manage them for each service, below are some of the different features you can customise:
  1. Add a different price to your option with the Attribute Values Price if needed to
  2. With the Attribute Values Dependent you can make some options determined by the other: they will appear only if the user selects the option that might offer it
  3. Add different discounts for: Service, Attribute or even on an Attribute Value
  4. Add different Price Zones for: Service, the Attribute or the Attribute Value
  5. Add an image to customise your service
You can also anticipate your customer’s questions by creating a FAQ, or even manage your stock with the Products List.
Once you set up all your service settings the software will automatically consider all your data and allow the users to make a booking, inquiry or invoice quickly and easily!
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