Add Available Locations for a Fieldworker

Add available locations for a fieldworker

If you are providing your services in multiple cities, it is important to manage who are the available fieldworkers for each city. To  add all the available locations that your fieldworker can work at:
  1. Go to Fieldworkers from the main menu
  2. Click Actions on the fieldworker that you want to add available locations for

3. Select Services
4. Click on Edit Default Available Locations

5. Select the cities that the fieldworker is available at

6. Press Save

When you add any city here, it will be automatically added in the location availability for all the services provided by this fieldworker. Location Availability shows the locations that this service is available at for this fieldworker, but Edit Default Available Locations shows all the locations that this fieldworker is available at for all services. If the fieldworker provides some services at a city and other services at another city, then you can edit the locations of the service from Location Availability next to the service itself. So, you can either edit the locations for each service separately from Location Availability or edit the default locations and change them for all services at once from Edit Default Available Locations.

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