Forms & Checklists

OctopusPro allows you to create forms & checklists for your fieldworkers and your customers. You can create different forms for your fieldworkers to be displayed at different occasions like when they check in a job (start a job), during a job, or when they check out a job (finish a job). To follow up with your fieldworkers during their jobs, you can set forms for every booking status, so when your fieldworkers change a booking from one status to another, a form of questions appear for them to ask them about their job at this specific status of this booking. You can also create forms to appear in all bookings (always displayed), so your fieldworkers can answer in every booking of theirs.

Follow up with your fieldworkers to fill in forms of questions about their own jobs; and follow up with your customers by asking them to fill in forms of questions about their satisfaction on the job.

You can choose when exactly to display these forms and who can see them.

You can select the statuses and services you want each form to apply to. You can also determine who gets  to see the form, and when the form should display.

You can create new fields and select on of various field types available. You can set wether the field should be mandatory, you can also allow the user to upload photos and make uploading photos mandatory if your business requires that.

Forms & Checklists
The field types available are Date picker, Time picker, Text box, Textfield, (+/-) button, Toggle, Dropdown, Radio button, Radio group, List, Checkbox.
Once your form/checklist is setup, it will appear to the user in a similar way to the form showing below, when the conditions you have setup for it are met.
Forms & Checklists Settings
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