OctopusPro Desktop User Guide

Desktop User Guide


OctopusPro is a professional cloud based mobile service management software with all the features and tools you need to grow your business. It offers unlimited users and 24/7 support, not to mention the security and reliability you’d expect from being in the cloud.

From receiving initial inquiries right through to accepting payment and managing complaints, OctopusPro allows everyone in your organization to engage in different aspects of the business under one unified management platform.

Getting started

How to start and navigate around in OctopusPro.

Navigating The System

You can access all of OctopusPro’s key features using the main menu, notifications or the search function.

Customising your settings

At OctopusPro we understand that every company is unique. Therefore, we allow businesses to customise their settings so that all aspects of the system reflect their specific industry.

Key features

Including Management, Scheduling and Invoicing.

Managing your subscription

Update the credit card or debit card details for your OctopusPro subscription.

Frequently asked questions

What is OctopusPro and who is it made for?

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