Add a New API

Add a new API

An API is an application programming interface. APIs allow you to connect different applications and allow you to access features or data from external services. For example, if you want to link your Gmail account to your OctopusPro account select “Google-api-php-client” from the API drop-down list.

To add an API:

  1. Navigate to Company Settings
  2. Go to Integrations (API)
  3. Click on New Developer Integration API
  4. Select an API using the drop-down
  5. Enter the parameter details

Retrieving the parameters for your integration depends on each API. See this PDF file for further instructions regarding Gmail and Google Calendar integration:

  • Eway is an external payment service which allows you to receive secure payment by credit card.
  • The GCM service handles all aspects of queueing of messages and delivery to client applications running on target devices, and it is completely free.
  • Google API has different features, you can link your Google email, calendar, and drive.
  • Mailchimp is a marketing automation platform, if your business uses MailChimp to send out marketing emails then you can connect your mailchimp account directly to your OctopusPro account, and automate tasks such as updating your mailing lists and sending out marketing emails.
  • SMTP is used to authenticate your email and avoid spam. If your business uses an external SMTP account to authenticate emails then you can connect it with her. An example is AuthSMTP which is a custom designed service for sending email so the performance and availability are significantly greater than the generic SMTP servers provided by Internet Service Providers.
  • Twilio is a program that enables you to send and receive SMS and Calls with customers and fieldworkers. If you want to be able to send SMS messages through your OctopusPro account then you can connect it with your Twilio account directly so you can send and receive SMS messages directly from your OctopusPro account. You can also use Twilio to make and receive calls which you can also record via Twilio if needed.

If you need help to integrate your API you can contact us anytime.

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