Exploring Services List Management Features – Master Your Service Offering Management

Exploring Services List Management Features

Master Your Service Offering Management with OctopusPro: Your Premier Solution for Service Management

Discover unparalleled control and flexibility with OctopusPro’s service management platform. Designed to streamline your business operations, this dynamic platform is packed with comprehensive features for managing your service offerings. This guide will provide an overview of the functionalities available within the Services Settings of your platform, ensuring you utilize the maximum potential of OctopusPro’s features.

Features and Benefits

  1. Services Settings: Get seamless access to your service lists, activate and deactivate services, and manage your service offerings through our user-friendly interface. Equip your customers with all the details they need with clear service titles, descriptions, and associated images.
  2. Multi-Language Flexibility: Cater to a global customer base with support for multiple languages, ensuring your services are accessible to all. Present your service categories and packages in multiple languages, widening your customer base and ensuring your platform easy to understand for all your users.
  3. Organizing Services within Categories: Services are easily grouped into categories, enhancing customer navigation and your service management. Whether you offer home maintenance, beauty treatments, or educational courses, categories streamline the presentation and discovery of your diverse offerings.
  4. Service Package Creation: Offering a bouquet of services? Create service packages to bundle complementary offerings together. This increases customer satisfaction with one-stop solutions and helps boost your average transaction size.
  5. Benefits of Service Packages: By offering comprehensive solutions through service packages, your customers get value, convenience, and a holistic service experience. This approach not only increases transaction value but also fosters customer loyalty.
  6. Customer Interactions: Control the visibility of your services in the customer portal, allowing customers to schedule their own bookings and request services at different addresses.
  7. Inquiry Widget Settings: Customize the display of your services within the inquiry widget, tailoring it to suit your business needs.
  8. Advanced Pricing Capabilities: OctopusPro enables flexible pricing options, from charging by time, job, or unit, to implementing adaptive unit pricing and minimum booking prices. For example, a consultancy service might be charged by time, a repair service might be charged per job, and a product might be charged per unit. You can set the charging method for each service in the pricing settings.
  9. Adaptive Unit Pricing: For services that are charged per unit, you might want to offer a discount for larger quantities. This can be done through adaptive unit pricing. You can set different price tiers for different quantities, encouraging customers to order more.
  10. Custom Rates: Customize your pricing to fit a range of service durations, creating additional, custom rates for more flexibility, accuracy, and business fit.
  11. Minimum Booking Price: Safeguard your business and ensure profitability by setting a minimum price for bookings.
  12. Location-based Service Price Zones: OctopusPro understands that your service costs may vary by location. Therefore, it allows you to create zones and assign unique prices to each zone for a specific service, ensuring the correct pricing is applied every time. Adjust the cost of your service based on geographical locations, creating zones with unique pricing.
  13. Bulk Discount Ranges: Incentivize customers to book more services at once with automatic discounts for specified service quantity ranges.
  14. Custom Fields: Add additional variables that affect service price through custom fields. Customize service options, manage dependencies, and group similar fields together for an optimized booking experience. Custom fields provide flexibility to your services. To create a new custom field, navigate to the “Custom Fields” section under Services Settings. You can specify the field name, field type (e.g., text box, dropdown menu, checkbox), and the values that the field can take.
  15. Pricing by Custom Field: Each service might have additional variables that affect its price. For instance, the duration of a service, the type of materials used, or extra features requested by the customer. These variables can be managed through custom fields. In the pricing settings, you can assign different prices or extra charges to different values within a custom field. Examples of custom fields affecting service price include:
    • Photography Services: If your photography business offers different types of photo sessions (e.g., portraits, events, commercial), you can create custom fields for add-ons like extra edited photos, extended session time, or additional locations. Each add-on would have a specific cost that affects the total service price when selected.
    • Event Planning Services: In event planning, custom fields can include various add-on services like venue decorations, audio-visual equipment, or extra staffing. By assigning a price to each add-on, the total service cost will be adjusted based on the customer’s selections during the booking process.
    • Catering Services: For a catering business, custom fields can represent different meal options, serving styles, or dietary restrictions. You can assign additional costs to specific options, such as premium ingredients or buffet-style serving, which would be added to the base price when chosen by the customer.
    • Home Cleaning Services: For a home cleaning business, custom fields can represent different cleaning packages, room options, or additional services like carpet cleaning or window washing. Assigning a specific cost to these options allows customers to customize their service while seeing the price adjustment in real-time.
  16. Custom Field Dependencies: For some services, certain options might only be available based on the customer’s previous selections. These can be managed through custom field dependencies. You can create a dependency by selecting a parent custom field and one or more child custom fields. The child fields will only appear when certain values are selected in the parent field.
  17. Grouping Custom Fields: To improve the customer experience during booking, similar custom fields can be grouped together. This means they will appear together when a customer is making a booking. Grouping is done from the Custom Fields page by creating a new group and assigning fields to it.
  18. Manual Discounts: Offering discounts is a proven strategy to encourage more bookings and increase customer loyalty. OctopusPro allows you to configure discounts per service or category, giving you complete control over your promotional offers.
  19. Fieldworker Payrates & Commissions: Pre-determine and automate fieldworker payment management – be it an hourly pay rate or commission-based. This way, you can structure a payment method that best suits your business operations and workforce.
  20. Products List Management: Manage products that are part of the service, linking and adding products to services when creating bookings.
  21. Managing Tax Rate: You can seamlessly handle tax rates within the OctopusPro system, ensuring that you meet your tax obligations while providing clear, inclusive pricing to your customers.
  22. Adding FAQs to Services: Create a FAQ section to address common customer questions, improving your service transparency.
  23. Gift Card Management: Offer gift cards for exclusive promotions or specific services/packages, boosting customer engagement and loyalty.

Harness the power of OctopusPro and transform your service management operations today. Elevate your business with strategic pricing structures, seamless service customization, and a user-friendly interface designed to promote satisfaction and profitability. Welcome to the next level of service management – welcome to OctopusPro

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