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Homepage promotions

OctopusPro allows you to add homepage promotions, new services, discounts or offers to attract and retain customers, new offers and discounts always help in boosting sales.

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What are the benefits of promotions and offers?

– You can create new promotion to maintain your current customers’ base loyalty and attract new customers.
– Offering a discount, coupons or vouchers will draw customers to check your services and make a purchase, hence increase your sales and your customers base.
– When you create promotions that help increase your customers base, you also enhance your brand awareness.

How to create a homepage promotion?

To add a promotion to your homepage, please follow the below steps:

  • Enable the related toggle via navigating to Settings> Customer portal> Homepage promotions as displayed below:

  • Add your promotional text in the content box and use the format bar or HTML editor to format your text
  • Click on the image icon under Upload image to upload your promotion image, it will be displayed to the right-side of text

  • Click on Save changes and check your customer portal link to make sure your promotion is being displayed as desired

If you disables the toggle to Display in homepage, the promotion won’t be displayed in your customer portal homepage.

Can I add a validity period to promotions?

No, admin users can add promotions or remove it by enabling or disabling the toggle manually.

Can I delete a promotional offer and start over with a new one?

Yes, if you want to delete a promotional offer, simply edit the existing content and change the promotion image by navigating to Settings> Customer portal> Homepage promotions. Content can be edited by replacing the text in the content box with the new promotional text, and the promotional image can be replaced by clicking on the Image icon and upload a new image then click on Save changes

Can I keep my promotions history in my admin portal and only display new promotions on my customers portal homepage?

No, new promotion always replaces the existing one in case of using the edit option. 

Can I add a first time discount to attract new customers?

Yes, admin users can add a first time discount for customers making their first booking via following the below steps:

  • Navigate to Settings> General Settings> Discounts & Offers
  • Enable the toggle First Time Discount
  • Select the discount value type then add the discount value and Save

If I add a first time discount to new customers, where will they be able to view it?

Once you set-up your discount amount type and value, your customers will be able to view the promotion on your customers portal when they access the service page.

When a new customer book a service and reach the checkout page, they will be able to view the discount value in the Booking overview

Can I use promotions to encourage existing customers attract their friends to use our services?

Yes, admin users can use our referral program to encourage your customers invite their friends to use our services and get a discount. Discounts in case of referral can be adjusted to be repeated for a specific number of times or to be valid for one time use, also, admin users can add a validity to the discount for certain number of hours, days, weeks or months.

How to set-up a referral program?

Admin users can set-up referral program by following the below steps:

  • Navigate to Settings> General Settings> Discounts & Offers
  • Click on Referral Code Configuration, then enable the related flag as displayed

  • Add the validity period, it can be valid for hours, days, weeks or months
  • Add discount value amount and type, type can be percentage or specific number that will represents a value for money to be deducted
  • Add number of allowed usage as displayed and Save

  • Once enabled and saved, the Invite Friends tab will be displayed to your logged-in customers in your customer portal as displayed

How can my customers share the referral code with their friends?

Customers can login to their accounts on your customers portal then navigate to Invite Friends tab then click on Email to email the code to a friend.

How to make a booking using a referral code or voucher code?

Recipient of a referral code or a voucher code can redeem the gifted amount while making a booking when reaching the checkout page, by following the below steps:

  • Add the voucher code in the related box at the bottom the booking overview page then click on Validate
  • The discount will be added to the service amount and the total displaying will be after applying the discount
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