Grouping Custom Fields to Reduce Steps During Online Booking

Grouping Custom Fields to Reduce Steps During Online Booking

By default, each custom field appears individually in the customer portal and your branded app during the booking process. This setup can often slow down customers who need to navigate multiple pages or popups to complete their booking.

However, by grouping custom fields, these fields can be presented together on a single page. This arrangement significantly streamlines the booking process, making it quicker, smoother, and less complicated. With grouped custom fields, your customers can accomplish everything in one step, enhancing their user experience.

For instance, if you have several custom fields linked to a service, grouping these fields together can expedite the online booking process. Instead of navigating through separate steps for each field, your customers can view and interact with all related fields at once. If custom fields remain ungrouped, each field would present itself as a separate step, thereby prolonging the booking process.

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Creating a New Custom Field Group

To begin with, follow these steps to create a new custom field group:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Services Settings > Custom Fields
  2. Select all the custom fields you wish to group together.
  3. Click on Connect to groups.
  4. A popup window will appear. Enter your desired title for your grouped custom fields, then click Save.
  5. To create another group, click on Create a new Group.

How Custom Field Groups Improve Customer Experience

Custom field groups impact different aspects of the booking process, enhancing the overall experience of your customers:

Customer Portal View: After you have grouped your custom fields, they will appear together in a single popup during the booking process. Customers can select services and answer all relevant questions in one go, significantly simplifying their booking experience.

Admin Perspective on Booking/Quoting: From an admin’s perspective, grouped custom fields offer a unified view during the booking or quoting process. All associated fields appear together, facilitating quicker and more efficient service selection and data entry.

Fieldworker App View: In the fieldworker app, grouped custom fields present themselves together during the booking process. This grouping helps fieldworkers quickly access and input all necessary information, making their tasks easier and more streamlined.

Editing Grouped Custom Fields

If you have already grouped your custom fields and wish to edit or add more to them, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Services Settings > Services.
  2. Select the Custom fields group tab.
  3. Click on Edit from the actions button.

  4. Modify the group label, add helper text, include more services, or remove services from the custom field group.

  5. Click Update to save your changes.

Enhancing User Experience with Custom Field Grouping

Grouping custom fields not only simplifies your booking process but also provides a better overall experience for your customers. With the ability to select services and answer questions in one step, the booking process becomes faster and more seamless, ultimately leading to satisfied customers. Always consider grouping your custom fields to create a smooth, streamlined booking journey.

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