Create a New Booking

Create a new booking 

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OctopusPro enables you to:

  • Create bookings manually in the system e.g. if a booking is made over the phone.
  • Convert inquiries and quotes into bookings.
  • If you have a branded customer-facing app or have set up your Customer Portal, customers can make bookings directly through, which admins can confirm in the system.

After setting up your account, and before creating your first booking, make sure you have:

  • Added your services. To learn more about how to add a new service click here.
  • Added your fieldworkers. To learn more about how to add a new fieldworker click here.

How to create bookings manually?

When logged in as an admin user from the web view, from anywhere in the system, click +New at the top left of the page and select New Booking.


From the sidebar menu, click on Bookings and select Create New.

You will be directed to the new booking form, fill in the information in the required fields:

First, select the customer you wish to schedule the booking for:

  1. If the booking is to be made for an existing customer, type the customer name in the search bar to search for the customer.
  2. But, if the booking is to be made for a new customer, click on “Add new customer +” or click on the ‘+’ icon to enter the details of the new customer:

If you click on the + to add a new customer, a popup form will appear and you will be required to enter your customer details, like their name, email, phone number, billing address and more.

Then, if your company operates under multiple trading names, you will be required to select one of the trading names for this booking, if you don’t select one, the default trading name will be automatically selected.

After that, you can select a source, which is where you provide the communication channel that your customers used to submit the inquiry/quote. It helps you categorize your bookings based on the used channel. There are several choices that you can select from as shown below. For example: if you have received an inquiry through Facebook to create a booking on behalf of a customer, you can select Facebook from the choices. 

After selecting a customer, their address details that are saved in their account will be automatically added, and this will be the email delivery address. If you want to add a different delivery address than the one saved, you can click on “Add Address

  • A new address container will appear, fill in the details of the new address in the empty fields. Search for the address, type in the Unit/Lot Number, the Suburb, Postal/Zip code, the State/Region if required, and the Town/City. This address will be the delivery address for this booking. 
  • This can be used in case the delivery address is different from the booking address saved in the customer details. For example: if your booking address is in Australia and you want the delivery address of the booking to be held in a different Country, you can click on Add Address and select a new address for this booking. 
  • Click on Remove, to delete the whole address container. 

If activated from the forms & checklists settings, this container will appear when creating a new booking. It enables you to send SMS/Email reminders to customers for future bookings, and reminders to fieldworkers and admin users too. 

  1. Click on the empty field, a calendar will appear and you can pick a follow-up date to send the SMS/Email on.
  2. You can also select the delivery method you wish to send the reminder via. You have two options: SMS and/or Email. So, the reminder can be sent as an SMS/Email, or you can select both options. 
  3. You can also add any additional notes to the reminder in the empty field for fieldworkers and admin users. 

You can activate automatic next service date reminders from Settings > Communications > Automations

Your next step is to add a service or several services to the booking. To do this, click on “Add Service”

A popup window will appear, viewing all the services that your business provides, if your services are put into categories, you can search by category, or search through all services, then select a service by clicking on it.

You can add a new service by clicking on “Create a new service”, you will be redirected to the Create a new service settings page to create a new service and add all its details. 

Or add a custom service for this booking by clicking on “+Add Custom Service”

By clicking on Add custom service, a new container will appear, fill in:

  1. Item Title: Insert the name of the service.
  2. Description: Write a description of the service details. 
  3. Service Manual: A service manual is only visible to your fieldworkers and your customers cannot see it. 
  4. You can also replicate this custom service. 
  5. Or delete the custom service.

If you need to replicate or delete the service from the booking, click on Replicate or Delete on the right side of the service.

If you have created custom fields for your service, they will appear in the booking and you can make selections based on your customer’s needs and preferences.

If you have set the custom field to affect the service price, a pop-up will appear asking if you want to set the new suggested price based on your settings. Click Apply recommended to update the price. 

If enabled in the settings, the products container will appear, and you can add one or more products to your booking, by clicking on “Add”

You can enable admin users to add products to the booking when creating a new booking, from Settings > Services Settings > Products from the side menu on the left.

A popup window will appear, with a list of your existing products related to the selected service, you can select from, or you can add a new product to this service by clicking on “Add custom product

  • By clicking on “Add custom product” a  new container will appear for you to fill in:
  1. Description: it is a statement that gives details about customized items that are made for a specific buyer.
  2. The Cost usually offers special prices for the customers who want special products.
  3. Markup is the amount added to the cost price of the customized product and it is expressed as a percentage or dollar currency icon above the cost.
  4. Subtotal is auto-generated and calculates the cost of the product that the customer should pay added to the markup.

You can also remove the new product added by clicking on “Remove

The next step is to schedule your booking. 

  • Pick a start and end date from the calendar popup for the booking.
  • Then, pick a preferable start and end time for the booking, or click on “No specified time” if a certain time has not been set for the booking. 
  • You can add extra comments regarding the timing of the booking or any specific additional requirements.

To proceed, you will need to assign the service to a fieldworker by selecting them from the Fieldworker drop-down. You can also:

  • Click on Nearby bookings to view all nearby bookings to this booking address, viewing the bookings and their details including the assigned fieldworker. 
  • Click on Find availability to check all available fieldworkers that can be assigned to the selected service, to select one from them, to make the selecting process easier. 

You can also schedule more than one visit per service if needed, or assign different and more fieldworkers to the same service. To do this, click on “Add Appointment”

A new container will appear, if you need to add a future visit, select the date and time you wish, you can also assign the same fieldworker or a different one for the service. Add any extra comments or requirements if needed.

But, if you need to assign a group of fieldworkers for the same service, add the same details (Date and time) of the service you have inserted previously and select a different fieldworker.

Ensure that the total price for the booking is correct. You can add an extra charge to the booking if necessary. You can also add a discount in the Discount field, and if needed, edit your tax rate (e.g. VAT, GST) by clicking on the percentage value in the tax field.

To finish creating the booking:

  1. Add any necessary private notes in the text box field, it allows you to share additional notes with your admin users and fieldworkers. This field is not visible to your customers and will not be added to the emails or attachments sent to your customers.
  2. Add a voucher code if available. 
  3. If there is a minimum charge, apply or ignore it using the toggle button.

The rest of the details are applied automatically, and cannot be edited. Finally, click “Save Changes” to create the booking.

You will then be directed to the Booking page and will see a pop-up window of an automated booking confirmation email, which you can send to your customer simply by clicking Send. You can make changes to the email content if needed.

How to convert an inquiry into a booking?

From the inquiries list page, select the inquiry you wish to convert to a booking. Click on the actions button, select Convert to booking 


From the actions button, select View inquiry

You will be redirected to the inquiry view page, on the top right side of the page, from the actions button, select Covert To Booking

How to convert a quote into a booking?

From the quotes list page, select the quote you wish to convert to a booking. Click on the actions button, select Convert to booking


From the actions button, select View quote

You will be redirected to the quote view page, on the top right side of the page, from the actions button, select Convert To Booking

For more information please visit Octopuspro user guide, and subscribe to our youtube channel.

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