Create a New Booking

Create a new booking

Before creating your first booking, make sure you have:

  1. Added your services
  2. Added your fieldworkers

OctopusPro allows you to:

  1. Create bookings manually in the system e.g. if a booking is made over the phone
  2. Convert estimates and inquiries into bookings
  3. If you have a branded customer-facing app or have set up your Customer Portal, customers can make bookings directly, which admins can confirm in the system

Create a booking manually

  • From anywhere in the system, select New at the top left of the page and select New Booking


  • Click on Create New under Bookings in the main menu

You will be directed to the new booking form. Fill in the information in the required fields:

  • If the booking is to be made for an existing customer, click on the magnifying glass icon to search for the customer 
  • If the booking is to be made for a new customer, click on the ‘+’ icon to enter the details of the new customer

If the billing address is the same as the booking address (where the service will be performed), select “Copy to booking address”.

Save and resume to the New Booking page. If you operate under several trading names, you can select the correct trading name for the booking under the customer field.

Your next step is to add a service or several services to the booking. To do this, click on the Add Service button

If you need to delete a service from the booking, click on Delete in the right-hand side of the service.

If you have created custom fields for your service, they will appear in the booking and you can make selections based on your customer’s needs.

If you have set the custom field to affect the service price, a pop-up will appear asking if you want to set the new suggested price based on your settings. 

If you have added Products you can add one or more to your booking. 

The next step is to schedule your booking. 

In order to proceed, you will need to assign the service to a fieldworker by selecting them from the Fieldworker drop-down.

You can also schedule more than one visit per service if needed. To do this, click on Schedule Next Visit.

To finish creating the booking, ensure that the total price for the booking is correct. You can add a discount in the Discount field, and if needed, edit your tax rate (e.g. VAT, GST) by clicking on the percentage value in the tax field.

Click on Save Changes to create the booking.

You will then be directed to the Booking page and will see a pop-up window of an automated booking confirmation email, which you can send to your customer simply by clicking Send. You can make changes to the email content if needed.

Convert estimates and inquiries into bookings

To convert an inquiry into a booking, go to the inquiry page, and select Convert to Booking from the Inquiry drop-down. 

To convert an estimate into a booking, go to the estimate page, and select Convert to Booking from the Estimate drop-down. 

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