Stripe API Integration

Stripe API Integration

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Stripe is one of the largest online payment process available worldwide, it offers you a fast handle of your payments easily, also it is compatible with almost any bank account. Click here to create a new strip account.

Setup Stripe as a payment software in OctopusPro

For setting your Stripe account as a payment method on OctoPuspro please follow the steps below:

  • Login to your OctopusPro Account by putting your email address and password, click here.
  • In the left menu, click on Settings >> Financial Settings >> Payment integration.
Payment Integration Navigation from main menu
  • Choose your online payment method, which is Stripe in this case.
strip api integration settings icon
  • After you choose your online payment software which will be Stripe in this case a window will appear as follows:
setting pop up in OctopusPro
  • Write down your Stripe Publishable Key and Secret Key, click here for logging in to your account on Stripe. If you don’t have a Stripe account or you are having a problem finding your Secret and Publishable keys, please scroll down and follow the steps.

Extraction of Stripe Publishable key and Secret key

  • Open your Stripe account, click here.
  • On the left side of the home screen that appears after you logged in there is a menu, go to that menu and click on developers, a sub-menu will appear, select API keys and the two keys will appear on your screen as follows:
Extraction of Stripe Publishable key and Secret key
  • Copy and paste the keys in OctoposPro as explained in the previous steps.
  • For the secret key, hit on the Revealing key so the key will appear so you can copy it and past it.

Creating a new Stripe account

If you don’t have a Stripe account click here, this link will open a page that allows you to create a new Stripe account, fill in your personal information like your email, your full name and choose a password, then click the Create a new account button as seen in the picture below.

create new account for this payment softwear

Stripe logo when customers are saving their credit card details in the customer portal

As the customer logs in to his activated account in the customer portal so they can save their credit card information the customer will be able to use the saved data in the future while creating new bookings. For the customer to save his credit card number he needs to follow the steps below:

  • From My booking page go to “Payments”, in this page a list of all the previous payments made by the customer will appear, to save/edit credit card information click on payment methods at the top of the list

In order to add a new card click on “+ Add a new payment method”

Customers will be redirected to the following page, and the Stripe logo will appear for them as follows:

Stripe Logo while Creating a New Booking in the Customer Portal

Already registered customers and guest customers will see the Stripe logo in the process of creating a new booking, the logo will appear in Select Payment Method. When the customers are making credit card transactions in the customer portal, the “Stripe” payment getaway logo will appear in the Select payment method tab as follows:

Hope that was useful for you, for more help click here.

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