Add ‘Period Required’ Field to Inquiry / Lead Capture Form

Add ‘Period Required’ Field to Your Inquiry / Lead Capture Form

Manage inquiries more effectively by discerning the desired service timeframe for each customer. By integrating the ‘Period Required’ field in your inquiry form, customers can specify their preferred period, such as ‘ASAP’, ‘Next 2-5 Days’, or ‘Next Week’.

Enable the Period Field in Your Inquiry Form

To integrate the “Period Required” option as a custom field, adhere to the ensuing instructions:

  1. Navigation: Head to Settings > Communications > Lead Capture Form
  2. Activation: Switch to the ‘Widget’ tab and enable the period field.

  • Visibility: Navigate to “Form Field”. Here, toggle the visibility of the “Period Required” option. This field can be made visible or hidden by simply clicking its associated button.

  • Placeholder Customization: Modify the placeholder text, like “Period required”, which will appear by default in the field and vanish upon typing.

Consequently, your inquiry form will manifest the ‘Period Required’ field. This drop-down list will exhibit options (e.g., ‘ASAP’, ‘Next week’) for customers to select from.

Note: The list is customizable. To modify the options available to customers, continue reading.

Customize the Period Required Field Options

Empower your customers with a diverse set of timeframes suitable for your services. If the preset list isn’t apt, you can either augment it with new options or omit existing ones. Here’s how:

1. Accessing Period Options: Navigate to Settings > Communications > Lead Capture Form. Next, tap on the ‘Period’ tab positioned centrally at the top.

2. Viewing Current Options: This section showcases the available selections that customers can opt for, depicting the default options.

3. Removing Options: If a particular default option isn’t pertinent, click the (x) button adjacent to it to erase it.

4. Incorporating New Options:

  • Hit the plus icon on the right, labeled ‘Create New’.

  • An empty field will materialize. Enter your new option, say “Tomorrow”.
  • Save your input by clicking the ‘+’ button. To discard this new entry, tap the (x) under it.

The revised list will now be updated in your inquiry form.

Admin View on the ‘Period Required’ Field

1. Initiating a New Inquiry: When administrators start the process of creating a new inquiry, the ‘Period Required’ field is prominently featured. This ensures the administrative team is well-aware of the urgency or preference of the inquiry timeframe right from the start.

  • User Interface: The field is designed for easy visibility, allowing the admin to recognize and address the timeframe stipulation quickly. It is typically presented as a dropdown menu with pre-set options or, depending on the system, might allow for manual entry.
  • Functionality: The admin can either manually select a timeframe (in situations where a client communicates directly to them) or view the chosen timeframe if it’s a client-initiated inquiry.

2. Accessing the Inquiry Details: Upon navigating to the ‘View Inquiry’ page, every detail of the inquiry, including the ‘Period Required’ selection, is neatly presented.

  • Display: The ‘Period Required’ field stands out, ensuring that time-sensitive matters are addressed promptly. The selected period, be it ‘ASAP’, ‘Next 3 Days’, or ‘Within a Week’, is highlighted for rapid recognition.
  • Applications: Knowing the required period can assist administrators in:
    • Prioritizing inquiries that demand immediate action.
    • Allocating resources efficiently.
    • Forecasting demand and streamlining operations based on period patterns.
  • Modifications: Admins can modify the ‘Period Required’ if there’s a change in the client’s request or circumstances. This feature ensures that the inquiry system remains dynamic and responsive to client needs.

By adding the ‘Period Required’ field, service providers can align their schedules better with customers’ expectations, fostering enhanced satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Tip: Regularly review and update the ‘Period Required’ options based on feedback and changing service timelines. This ensures that your inquiry form remains relevant and user-friendly.

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