Assign Multiple Fieldworkers to a Booking

Assign multiple fieldworkers to a booking

Have more than one resource working on jobs? You can now assign additional fieldworkers to your bookings, while ensuring each team member knows exactly what’s required. OctopusPro will also automatically calculate fieldworker pay based on the services performed.

Add an additional fieldworker

  1. Follow the steps required for creating a new booking or open a pre-existing booking you would like to edit.
  2. Just enter all details as you would for a normal booking including assigning a fieldworker. Once the fields are complete scroll to the beginning of the Service and select Replicate Service

  3. Selecting Replicate Service will prompt an additional service window to appear below the service you are replicating.

  4. All service information from your original service will be replicated apart from an assigned fieldworker. You will now be able to assign an additional fieldworker to your booking. You will also notice that pricing information may need to be edited; this can be done by simply dividing either the pricing or booking quantity by the number of field workers assigned. 


Why can’t I just assign multiple fieldworkers to the same service without having to replicate the service in the booking?

OctopusPro provides a variety of features that enable you to control your business with the maximum amount of automations available while ensuring all jobs are confirmed, attended and charged accordingly.

Dividing booked services between fieldworkers allows you to fully organize the work required, know what has been completed, and assign unfinished work to additional fieldworkers if needed. 

Dividing services also enables you to confirm individual attendance of services and assign additional fieldworkers to unconfirmed services if required. Importantly, it also allows you to accurately calculate fieldworker payments including any pay rate variation required as per individual fieldworker agreements.

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