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Industry Label

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What’s the benefit of using the industry label? 

The industry label helps you customize the term used to describe your fieldworkers depending on the nature of their work and the industry your business operates in. So instead of having a category with the name “Fieldworkers” on the left side menu, the category will be holding the new name you’ve entered. For example, Drivers, Painters, Technicians, or Babysitters. So, “Drivers” can be the name of the fieldworkers’ category for a car-hailing business and so on. 

How to set your industry label?

Go to Settings > Company Settings > Business Details

How to set the industry label

Scroll down to the “Industry label” > Enter the name as a singular and plural

create industry label name

Press “Save”

Press save

What will appear after creating the industry label? 

The term you entered as plural is the one that will be on the left side menu representing the fieldworkers’ category. For example, the fieldworkers’ category name is “Hairdressers”. 

Showing fieldworkers category name

Where is the new fieldworkers’ category name displayed on the website and the app?

After clicking on the fieldworkers’ category name from the side menu of the homepage: 
  • You’ll find the term of your fieldworkers at the top left of the page with the word “All” before it because the page already includes all your fieldworkers, for example, “ All Technicians”.

The name of the fieldworkers category added in the side menu

All fieldworkers are displayed when clicking the category button

  • On the top right of the page, you can add a new fieldworker through the blue button “+Add” followed by the singular name of the fieldworkers’ category name, for example, “+Add Hairdresser

New fieldworker can be added from the tab

  • Also, when clicking on the actions button of a specific fieldworker, you can find the option “Pay” followed by the fieldworkers’ category name. For example, “Pay housekeeper”.

The option pay fieldworkers from actions button

The fieldworkers’ category name is mentioned too in the invoices tab from the side menu:

Invoices category from the side menu

When you select one of the invoices categories

Invoices categories

On the top of the invoices tabs, you can specify if you need to check all the invoices of all your fieldworkers, or from the dropdown menu that contains all the fieldworkers’ names, you can select to view the invoices of a certain fieldworker.

Check all fieldworkers invoices or certain fieldworker's invoices

When you display the calendar from the side menu: 

The calendar from the side menu

You can filter the bookings by the fieldworkers, for example, if your fieldworkers’ category name is “Packers”, you can do that from the blue button Filters: Current, Active on the top right of the page. 

Filtering the bookings from the calendar

By following the previous example, the filters options for the bookings will include: 

  • Packers status: To specify if you need to view the bookings of the active fieldworkers, the inactive fieldworkers, or all the fieldworkers.
  • Packers: This allows you to select one or more of your fieldworkers to view their bookings.
  • Packers label: From where the admins can filter the fieldworkers based on their labels, so the displayed bookings will be for the fieldworkers with the entered labels, for example, new packers and top 5 packers. 

Filters options for the fieldworkers bookings

Also, you can check your customer rating from the feedback on the side menu and filter them by the fieldworkers: 

Check and filter customer ratings from the feedback based by the fieldworkers

Click on “Filters


Among the options, you will find the name of the fieldworkers’ category to select a certain fieldworker from, so if the fieldworker’s category name is “Packers”, it will be:

The name of the fieldworkers category

And “Packers label” to add the needed labels you want to filter by. 

Filtering the customer ratings by the fieldworkers labels

To find your fieldworkers reports, the fieldworkers’ category name will be among the options of the reports from the side menu.

So if your fieldworkers’ category name is “Veterinarians”, after clicking on reports, there will be “Veterinarians Reports” selection. 

Fieldworkers reports

And under this title, you’ll find the rest of the available reports that you can check “Veterinarians Timesheets” “ Veterinarians Booking summary” “ Veterinarians Detailed summary” “ Veterinarians Summary” “ Veterinarians Booking payment” “ Veterinarians Payment Detailed Summary” and “Veterinarians Attendance Report”. 

The fieldworkers reports

Also from the “Payment Reports”, you’ll find the “Payment to Veterinarians” tab.

Payment reports including the payment to the fieldworker

From the “Statistics” on the right side menu, there will be your “Fieldworkers’ category name + Matrix”.

For example, “Babysitters Matrix” and that where you can review your fieldworkers’ financial matrix.  


The industry label affects the bookings settings too:

Select “Bookings” from the side menu, and pick one of the available categories


The bookings tabs

After picking one of the available categories, click on “View booking” from the actions button

  • You’ll find “Payment” on the top right of the page, from the dropdown menu of the payment, there will be options helping you to set the fieldworker share and set the fieldworker share per service. So if your fieldworkers’ category name is “Car Fixers” the options will be “ Set Car Fixer Share” and “Set Car Fixer Share Per Service” 

  • You can choose to send an email for your fieldworker, through “Email” on the top right of the bookings page, click on “Email”, then you’ll find the option “Email booking to Fieldworker” and by applying the previous example, it will be “Email booking to Car Fixer” 

Select to send emails to the fieldworkers

  • Then you’ll find a separate button holding your fieldworkers’ category name on the top right of the page, using the same example, the button will be “Car Fixer” and the dropdown will include the following actions that are related to the fieldworker: “Preview Booking, Email Booking, Request Update, Print PDF, Send Booking SMS” 

Actions related to fieldworkers' settings

  • On the page itself that includes the details of the selected booking, some parts provide details about the assigned fieldworker, for example, if the fieldworkers’ category name is “Pet trainers”, the page will have “Payment to Pet trainer” and “Available Pet trainers”. 

Payment details of the fieldworkers

The new fieldworkers’ category name will be reflected while creating a new quote: 

From “Quotes” on the side menu < Click on “Create New”

Creating new quote

From the “New Quote” page, click on “Add service”, after selecting the service, you’ll find the name of the fieldworkers’ category appearing allows you to select one from the available fieldworkers. So if your fieldworkers are Painters, you’ll have a “Painters” dropdown menu to choose from. 

Add service from to the quotes

Selecting fieldworker from the quotes

If you open any current quote from the quotes tabs, you’ll find a category including the details of the fieldworker’s payment. 

Quotes tabs

By following the last example, it will be “Payment to Painter” that has the painter’s name, share, status, and invoice number . And the name of the painter will be mentioned too in the services category. 

And the name of the painter will be mentioned too in the services category.

How the industry label affects the customer experience? 

Your industry label will be visible to your customers when they use the customer portal. That’s why updating your industry label reflects positively on your customers’ experience, as they will view the fieldworkers’ category name while booking. When the customer portal opens, the name of the fieldworkers’ category appears among the other 3 tabs on the top of the page, so if your fieldworker’s category name is “Drivers”, there will be a “Drivers” tab on the top, next to sign up and login buttons. So the fieldworkers’ tab can be checked before logging in or signing up. 

The fieldworkers' category name

If your customer logs in to the customer portal, the fieldworkers’ category name will be listed in the dropdown menu on the top right of the page.

Select the fieldworkers category nameThat will take your customers to a new page, including all your fieldworkers.


The customers can view all the listed fieldworkers’ profiles. When a specific fieldworker is selected, there will be a “Book Fieldworker” button under the profile photo. So by applying the same example, the customer will find a “Book Driver” button.

Book fieldworker button

*Please note that your industry label doesn’t affect the customer portal and the app from the fieldworker’s view, which means when a fieldworker logs in to the customer portal or the app, the fieldworkers’ category name won’t be visible from that perspective*  

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