How to View and Manage an Invoice

Viewing and Managing an Invoice

Viewing an invoice in OctopusPro is a straightforward yet comprehensive process. This guide takes you through the steps to view an invoice, the associated benefits, use cases, the impact on integrations with Xero and QuickBooks, and the restrictions based on user roles and permissions.

How to View an Invoice

There are multiple ways to view an invoice within OctopusPro, and the method you choose often depends on the information you have at hand or your current workflow. Here are the common ways to find and view an invoice:

  1. Quick Search: Use the quick search bar at the top of the OctopusPro page. Enter “INV-” followed by the invoice number (e.g., INV-3434 or INV-3435), and press enter. The system will find and display the invoice directly.
  2. From the Booking Page: If the invoice is associated with a booking, you can navigate to that specific booking page. From there, you’ll find a section or link that leads to the associated invoice.
  3. From the Customer Profile: If you are viewing a customer’s profile, navigate to their ‘Invoices’ section. There, you will find a list of all invoices associated with that specific customer. Click on any invoice to view it in detail.
  4. Invoices List: Navigate to ‘Invoices’ from the main menu. You can view all invoices or select a specific type. Click on any invoice from the list to view more details. You can sort or filter the list for easier navigation.
  5. Advanced Invoice Search: If you need to find an invoice based on specific criteria, use the advanced invoice search feature. This feature allows you to filter invoices based on various parameters such as invoice date, client name, total amount, payment status, and more. Once you have your search results, click on the desired invoice to view it.

Regardless of the method you choose, once you select an invoice, you will see detailed information including all invoice payments, associated complaints and issues, refunds, history changes, comments and discussions, and the invoice’s current status. If you’re an admin or have the necessary permissions, you can also view and manage the fieldworker payment amount and status.

Emailing Invoice to Client

While viewing an invoice, you also have the option to email the invoice directly to the client by clicking on ‘Email Invoice’ button.

Limitations and User Role Permissions

The ability to view and manage invoices depends on the role and permissions of the user. For example, an admin user may have complete access to all invoice details while a fieldworker might have limited view access. If a user does not have the necessary permissions to view an invoice, they should check with their admin user.

Impact on Synced Items with Xero and QuickBooks

Any changes made to the invoice in OctopusPro can be synced with your connected accounting software like Xero or QuickBooks. To reflect the changes, you’ll need to perform a manual sync or wait for the next scheduled automatic sync.

Remember, it’s essential to understand your role and permissions before attempting to view or manage invoices. This will ensure smooth and efficient invoice management, aligning with standard practices in the accounting software industry.

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