Managing your Calendar – App

Manage your calendar and availability

Your calendar allows the office to view your availability. You will only be assigned jobs on days that your calendar shows that you are available to work, so it’s important that your calendar is up to date at all times.


View your calendar
You can choose the services you offer out of all of the services provided by the company. It’s important that your service list is up to date as you will be assigned jobs based on this.
To update your services:
1. Click on the Calendar tab at the bottom of the screen
2. You can view scheduled bookings for each day by clicking on the day in the calendar



Make yourself unavailable
If you become unavailable on any of your working days you must let the office know by changing your availability. To make yourself unavailable:
1. Click on the Calendar tab at the bottom of the screen
2. Select the day you want to make yourself unavailable
3. Where it says Unavailable? Got something else on? click on LET OTHERS KNOW
5. Select All Day Event or enter the hours that you are unavailable
6. Click Next
7. Enter the required information and click Ok



Update your working hours
As part of your original set up you were required to specify what working hours you would be available. You can always go back and change them if needed to.
To make yourself unavailable:
1. Go to your profile
2. Select Services to edit your working hours
3. Click on the pen icon next to the day you want to amend
5. Select correct hours you are available to work
6. Press Ok
7. To add additional working hours to a specific day, click ‘Add Hours’, select the day and enter the hours
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