Activating/Deactivating Fieldworkers

Activating/Deactivating users

Only active fieldworkers can be assigned jobs, so it’s essential that all fieldworkers who are currently working for your company are “Active“.Likewise, if a fieldworker is no longer working for your company, you should deactivate them so they do not appear available when booking jobs in their area. Each fieldworker has a user account that stores the access credentials, the details of the person using the system, the role, and the permissions. Admin users only who can have access to activate or deactivate the fieldworkers activities.

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Activating/deactivating fieldworkers from the fieldworker list

The admin users can only activate or deactivate the fieldworker user accounts.

  • To activate/deactivate employee user accounts, first, navigate to “Fieldworkers.” A list of all your fieldworkers’ names will appear, including the user accounts.
  • You can now select the desired fieldworker, or you can click on filters and select the status from the drop-down menu of Active, Inactive, or All.
  • Click on the toggle to activate/ deactivate the user account. Depending on the current user account status (deactivated or not), an option/button labeled “Activate user” or “Deactivate user” will appear underneath the username of the fieldworker.

Activating/deactivating fieldworkers from the fieldworker’s profile

 You can activate or deactivate a fieldworker’s account from their profile. Go to “Fieldworkers,” select the fieldworker you want, click on the “Actions” button, and then click on “View Profile.” You will be redirected to the fieldworker’s profile. Turn the toggle to the other side to disable the user.

Activating/deactivating users from the company settings

  • Go to Settings > Company settings > Users 
  • You will be redirected to the user settings page, where you can access user details, edit important user information, and activate or deactivate user accounts.
  • Select the user you want, use the search input, type the first of the fieldworker you wish to activate or deactivate or use the filter to select the fieldworkers from the roles. You can’t deactivate the general fieldworkers or admin users.

Click on actions then select from the drop-down menu “Deactivate user ”  or “Activate user


You can click on the toggle to activate or deactivate the user account.

Logging into a deactivated fieldworker’s account app

You can log into a deactivated account on the OctopusPro app as a fieldworker when the admin user deactivates your account. Deactivating a user is different from deleting a user, whether their status is active or inactive. For example, a seasonal worker can have an active status while working in the summer and an inactive status for the rest of the year.

The activation/deactivation of a user can only be done by the admin users; the fieldworkers cannot deactivate their own user accounts. When you activate your fieldworker profile, all the data will return.

If a user gets deactivated, does it mean they will lose their details, like previous booking histories, invoices, discussions, etc.?

No, they really don’t lose any of their details. All previous activities, tasks, or activities completed by that deactivated user will be stored and remain in the account, and you can filter the inactive or active users in your list view.

Do the system subscription fees count deactivated users?

Yes the deactivated users’ fees count and it has already counted your users based on your plan

When a user is inactive, you won’t be able to assign them quotes or bookings. However, your inactive users can still log in to their accounts for various reasons, like setting up their accounts when getting started with your business, or when you still want to give them access to their billing history, which they might require for taxation right after terminating the agreement with your business, or when you want to keep a record of their history and statistics for any other reason. Therefore, all your users are included in your subscription fees, including inactive users.

If you are under the Established plan and get charged per user, then you have to “Delete” your inactive users in order to adjust your subscription charges and not get charged for them. If you have a large number of inactive users and want to keep their history and data for statistics, logs, and other purposes without paying additional per-user charges, you can always upgrade to the unlimited users plan.

OctopusPro’s unlimited and corporate plans don’t get billed per user because they have access to unlimited users, so if you have a large number of fieldworkers, you should always consider upgrading to our unlimited plan.


For more information, please visit the Octopuspro user guide and subscribe to our YouTube channel.


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