Invoice, Billing, Payment, and Refund Management

Invoice, Billing, Payment, and Refund Management

OctopusPro’s Invoice & Billing Management features are designed to enhance and simplify the invoicing process, providing you with a comprehensive set of tools to manage invoices, payments, and refunds. This user-friendly system allows you to effortlessly search, sort, and filter through invoices using labels, booking status, invoice status, fieldworker, customer, and more.

Key Functions

  1. Custom Invoice Generation: Generate tailor-made invoices and automate the entire billing process for improved efficiency.
  2. Recurring Invoices: Manage and oversee repeat and recurring invoices to optimize billing cycles and maintain consistency.
  3. Invoice Consolidation: Consolidate and merge invoices to avoid duplicates and simplify tracking.
  4. Due Date Monitoring: Closely monitor due dates, access customer statements, and manage invoice statuses to stay informed and up-to-date.
  5. Payment Processing: Process online payments, issue refunds, and manage unidentified, unknown, or unassigned payments with ease.
  6. Customer Signature & Secure Deposit: Empower customers to review, sign, and approve invoices, as well as make secure holding deposit payments.
  7. Timely Payment Reminders: Automate reminders and recurrent billing to ensure timely payments and minimize overdue invoices.
  8. Automated Management: Implement automation for invoice management and follow-up procedures to save time and resources.
  9. Clear Communication: Dispatch reminders and confirmations through SMS and email to maintain clear communication with clients.
  10. Efficient Organization: Utilize labels for organized and efficient invoice management, enabling quick filtering and sorting.

Invoice Filtering Options

  • Labels: Use custom labels to categorize and filter invoices for easy management.
  • Booking Status: Filter invoices by the booking status (e.g., confirmed, canceled, etc.).
  • Invoice Status: Filter invoices by their current payment status.
  • Fieldworker: Filter invoices by the assigned fieldworker.
  • Customer: Filter invoices by the customer associated with the invoice.

Invoice Statuses: Understanding and Managing the Status of Your Invoices

Draft Invoices that are still being created and have not yet been finalized, such as a preliminary invoice that has not been sent to the customer yet.
Void Invoices that have been voided and do not require payment, for example, an invoice created in error and needs to be canceled.
Open Invoices that have not yet been paid but are not yet overdue, such as an invoice that has been sent to the customer and is awaiting payment.
Overdue Invoices that have not been paid within the due date and are now overdue, like an invoice that has not been paid 30 days after the due date.
Closed Invoices that have been paid in full and no longer require payment, such as an invoice that has been paid and closed.

Managing Invoices: Understanding and Navigating the Invoices Section and its Pages

  • All Invoices: This filter shows all invoices, including both paid and unpaid ones.
  • Unpaid: This filter shows all invoices that have not been paid yet.
  • Pending Payment: This filter shows all invoices that have not been paid within the due date and are now overdue.
  • Payments Received: This filter shows all received payments, including both verified and unverified ones.
  • New Payments: This filter shows payments that have been made but have not yet been verified.
  • New Refunds: This filter shows all payments that have been refunded to customers.
  • Unknown Payments: This filter shows all payments that have been made but are not attached to an invoice.
  • Duplicates: This filter shows invoice numbers that have been assigned to more than one booking.

By leveraging the Invoice & Billing Management feature, you can have peace of mind knowing that your invoicing and payment processes are well-organized and under control. This robust system ensures timely payments by effortlessly sending reminders and confirmations to your customers and fieldworkers through SMS and email. OctopusPro also enables you to manage open, overdue, and pending approval invoices with targeted messages, offering added flexibility and control over your invoicing process.

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