Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

General FAQs

What is OctopusPro?

OctopusPro mobile workforce booking management system is an integrated online solution for service based businesses of all sizes, with connectivity and integration with leading CRMs and accounting systems.

Who is OctopusPro for?

OctopusPro is designed as the ideal management tool for all mobile or field services, from cleaning, to gardening, mowing, locksmiths, pool care, plumbing, antennas, dog washing, baby sitting, car detailing, removals, skip bins, private tutoring, security, painting, tiling, heating & cooling, solar system installations, pest control, or whatever it may be that your business offers as a service to it’s clients. OctopusPro is also ideal for real estate agents & builders to manage fieldworkers that work on properties they manage.

Why OctopusPro?

OctopusPro mobile and cloud-based field service management software seamlessly organizes all your bookings, scheduling and invoicing in real-time, will help your business achieve optimal performance, improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs.

Key OctopusPro Features

● Lead & Booking Management
● Scheduling
● Invoicing & Billing
● Automated Quotes
● Customer Self Service
● Built in CRM
● Integrated Mobile App
● Signature Capture
● Customer Calling & Messaging
● Staff & Customer Notifications and Alerts
● Navigation Assistance & GPS Tracking
● Camera Integration
● Customized Checklists
● Inventory Management
● Feedback Management & Customer Reviews
● Progress Reports & Analytics
● Available Offline
● Available on Desktop, laptop, tablet & smartphone (iOS & Android)
● Dedicated support team.

OctopusPro is designed with your needs in mind.

Is it easy to set up?

OctopusPro is very easy to set up. It takes only a few minutes to add your basic information and there is no technical knowledge required.

Do you provide support?

Absolutely, our support team will assist you no matter which subscription plan you choose.

24/7 chat and email support is available as part of the Established and Corporate plans. We also offer paid support packages through if you prefer to pay one of our customer success agents to setup your account on your behalf.

Is OctopusPro cloud-based?

Yes, our software is completely cloud-based meaning you can run it from any internet enabled computer or mobile device.

Can I log in to OctopusPro using a mobile device?

Fieldworkers and customers with an OctopusPro account are able to login from mobile devices.

How do I log into the OctopusPro app?

Please note that the OctopusPro app is currently for field workers only.

OctopusPro is working on allowing admins to log into the fieldworker app as well. However, for now, admins will need to log into OctopusPro via a web browser.

To access the app as an admin, you can create a field worker profile and log in with that person’s login details.

Alternatively, you can use the General account, which is automatically generated when creating an OctopusPro account. Go to the Fieldworker tab in the main menu, and click on the ‘General [Company Name]’, and change the password for that user. You need to change the password because the login details need to be different from your admin account login details in order to be able to log into the app.

You can then log into the app using the email address that you used to sign up, and the new password.

See a video of how to log into the OctopusPro field worker app.

Is my data stored securely?

Absolutely. OctopusPro is developed in accordance with best practices for building secure web applications. We employ the latest technology and hardware to ensure that your data is secure.

Is OctopusPro available for international companies?

OctopusPro is available in all locations and functions across multiple regions.

How is a user defined in OctopusPro?

A user is defined as a fieldworker or office member, not a customer.

Can I add more than one admin?

Yes, if you select either the Established or Corporate plan, you can add an unlimited amount of admin accounts.

When initially setting up your OctopusPro account, the system will create one admin who is then able to create further admin accounts.

To create a new admin account:

  1. Select Settings in the side menu
  2. Go to User Settings
  3. Select Users
  4. Select New User
  5. Select Account Admin under Roles

Can I edit my OctopusPro account information?

To edit your account information:

  1. Select your Username in the side menu
  2. Go to My Account
  3. Select Edit (must be logged in as admin)

To edit customer information:

  1. Select All Customers in the side menu
  2. Select the Edit Icon beside the customer name

Does OctopusPro function in any time zone?

Yes, the correct time zone is added when creating a new OctopusPro account.

  1. Go to
  2. Select Sign Up Now
  3. Complete the required fields
  4. Select Submit

The OctopusPro support team will send you an email containing a link required to activate your account. Simply follow the onscreen instructions and log-in to your account using your username and password.

Once your account has been verified, you can start to personalize your settings.

Complete the checklist on your screen to add your required company information (including time zone). Include which locations your business operates, add your first service(s), complete your user information, include your workforce and then create your first inquiry or booking! You can edit this information at any time through Settings.

New bookings will be set to the default time zone. If a fieldworker chooses a  different time zone, their bookings will be set to that time.

Which industries use OctopusPro?

OctopusPro is used by professionals across all industries such as:

– Mobile Mechanics

– Security Door Installation Services

– Solar Panel Installation

– Digging Services

– Security & Protective Services

– Commercial Painting Services

– Swimming & Sports

– Property Conveyancing

– Book Keeping & Accounts

– Personal Training & Fitness

– Carpentry & Handywork

– Skip Bins & Rubbish Removal

– Car Washing & Auto Detailing

– Asbestos Removal

– Pool Cleaning & Maintenance

– Tile Cleaning

– Tiling & Grout Repair Service

– Window Washing

– Plumbing & House Fitting

– Lawn Mowing & Garden Care

– Building Maintenance

– Dog Walking Service Management

– Termite & Pest Control

– Antenna Installation

– Catering & Food Delivery

– Carpet Cleaning & Home Care

– Babysitting & Child Care

– Tutoring & Private Lessons

– Emergency & Mobile Locksmith

Is OctopusPro available in the US, UK, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, Malaysia, Germany and other countries?

Certainly, OctopusPro is available for all countries without exception, including the UK, US, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, UAE, Germany, the Netherlands and all other countries.

Does OctopusPro accept cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin?

Not just yet. In the near future, OctopusPro will accept cryptocurrency payments.

Will I lose my license after phone reset?

No, you won’t lose your licence after the phone reset.

Can I use the app for different businesses?

Yes, you can use the app for different business accounts and switch between them easily through the app and through your web admin portal. You will see a red button in the top bar that allows you to switch between different business accounts when clicked.

Features FAQs

Are all OctopusPro features available in offline mode on mobile devices?

You can view your bookings and bookings list while offline but will be unable to accept or reject bookings, estimates, complaints, invoices and reports as they will not update system wide until online.

The messaging and payments system will require an internet connection and payment statements will be unavailable offline.

Events can be added in offline mode and you can browse your dashboard bookings as well as search through the app. You can also edit bookings and use the ‘todays jobs’ process. Images can also be uploaded while offline and stored on your device until a connection is reestablished.

Can I import my data from another software product?

Yes, you can import your customer base.

1. Go to the Import Data section under your Company Settings
2. Click on the ‘Import Customers’ button
3. Download the Customer Import Template
4. Open the file in Google Drive, fill in the information
5. Upload the file on the Import Data page to import

Does OctopusPro accept electronic signatures?

Yes, customers can use electronic signatures to sign off on jobs or to acknowledge approval prior to a fieldworker commencing work.

In the field worker app:

  1. Go to booking
  2. Select Signature
  3. Select the customer name to provide signature

The OctopusPro app is available on both iOS and Android. Currently, you will need to sign in using a field worker’s login details.

Does OctopusPro provide a POS system?

The field management software integrates the latest technologies including all POS functionality and much more. OctopusPro applies POS functionalities such as payment collection, receipts via SMS and email, customer and sales data analysis, invoicing and fieldworker management.

Does OctopusPro integrate with Outlook?

The OctopusPro calendar functions with both Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook.

Can I add images to OctopusPro?

Absolutely, you can add images of your services, categories, and your customers can send in images which will be saved in their booking details. Your field workers can take before and after photos which will also upload into the booking card automatically. Images can be added to a booking, invoice or complaint discussion.

Using the website, go to the relevant booking and select Add Photos.

From a mobile device, go to the relevant booking and select PHOTOS and then +add  to add a photo.

Does OctopusPro have worker GPS tracking & check in and out?

Yes, your workers can only check in and out a job if their GPS location is within 100 meters from the booking address.

Due to legal matters, it is not permitted to track workers’ location unless they have indicated they are on their way to a job or are on site.

The OctopusPro Corporate plan features a live map for admins to get a view of all active workers on a map.

Can I create custom checklists for workers?

Yes, it’s possible to create checklists for your workers to complete either during or after completing a job.

You can customize the type of questions, e.g. whether you want to add just a toggle or a checkbox or allow the worker to input text.

Read more about checklists here

Fieldworker FAQs

Do fieldworkers also have OctopusPro accounts?

Yes, each fieldworker will receive an account to log into the OctopusPro mobile app and website.

Once you create a new field worker profile, they will receive an email to join your team and OctopusPro, and can set their own password to log in.

Admins can create fieldworkers accounts.

  1. Go to Settings from the side menu
  2. Go to User Settings
  3. Select Users
  4. Select New User (top-left)
  5. Complete the required fields.
  6. Select Save

Can I log into OctopusPro as a fieldworker?

Yes, after the account has been created by an admin, fieldworkers are able to log into their accounts using a computer or mobile device.

Can I attach a label to a fieldworker?

There are two label types in OctopusPro, Industry Label and Custom Label.

An  Industry Label specifies the category of your employees. The label entered will replace ‘fieldworkers’ in the side menu.

To specify an industry label:

  1. Go to Business Details under Company Settings
  2. Scroll down to Industry Label
  3. Enter your label title
  4. Save

A Custom Label improves search results within bookings. Examples of labels you may wish to add are ‘contacted’ or ‘no longer interested’.

To create a new label:

  1. Select Label under General Settings
  2. Click on New Label
  3. Add the label title
  4. Save

Can I add extra custom fields to the fieldworker profile?

Certainly! Custom fields can be added to your fieldworker profiles to record any information not included in the standard fieldworker profile. For example, you can create a custom field to record your fieldworker’s work experience, education, hobbies, interests, date of birth, gender, height, or any other helpful information specific to your industry. You can also set the fields to display pre-entered values to select from.

These new fields will show in your fieldworker’s profile and can be edited by your office users and by your fieldworkers when logged in to their accounts. If your fieldworker profiles are available to customers the fields will be visible by default. Private information for each field can be made available for private or office use using the visibility flag.

Booking FAQs

Does OctopusPro schedule bookings?

Absolutely, bookings are scheduled directly through the software and the OctopusPro calendar also synchronizes with your users’ Google Calendars, keeping everyone up to date.

Can I accept and decline bookings?

Using the website, you can accept or decline any fieldworkers bookings when logged into OctopusPro as an admin. If logged in as a fieldworker you can accept or decline your own bookings.

To accept or decline a booking using a browser:

  1. Select Bookings in the side menu
  2. Navigate to All bookings

The displayed bookings list will provide the option to accept or decline services associated with each booking.

To accept or decline a booking using a mobile device:

  1. Select Bookings
  2. Navigate to All bookings

Check the services that you want to accept from the bookings list. It is only possible to log into a mobile device using a fieldworker account.

How do I create a new booking in OctopusPro?

Before creating your first booking, make sure you have:

  1. Added your services
  2. Added your fieldworkers

Create a new booking:

  1. Select Add New Booking under Bookings (side menu) and select an existing customer, or create a new one
  2. Add a service or several services to the booking
  3. Schedule your booking (you can schedule more than one visit per service if needed. To do this, click on Schedule Next Visit)
  4. In order to proceed, you will need to assign the service to a field worker by selecting them from the Fieldworker drop-down

Can more than one service be added to a booking?

Absolutely, different services and multiple fieldworkers can be added when creating a booking.

Can I assign multiple fieldworks for the same job?

Certainly! You can add multiple services to the same booking and assign a different fieldworker to each service as required. This will allow each fieldworker to know exactly what’s required from them for each booking and will help you automatically calculate the fieldworker’s pay from the services performed.

To assign multiple field workers to the same service, simply replicate the service inside the booking by pressing the replicate button in the top right corner of the service box and assign a different fieldworker for the replicate service, you can add unlimited services to each booking and you can assign a different fieldworker to each service as required. You can always split the service quoted amount between those services to keep the invoiced amount correct.

Can my customers book my services through my website?

Certainly! Your customers can book themselves through your website using the customer portal that comes with your OctopusPro account.
You can find the link to your customer portal under your settings, along with instructions on how to integrate your portal with your website, look for the customer portal link under your settings.
For an example of a customer portal that is fully integrated with a website, please check to see how they integrate with their customer portal You can enable and disable different features and hide any page or feature that you don’t want to share with your customers.

What do the different booking statuses mean?

IN PROGRESS: For jobs that are being worked on/have started, however incomplete. Payments can still be received from customers with jobs that have an In Progress status.

COMPLETED: For jobs that are successfully completed with all guidelines followed. Once the job is complete an invoice can be forwarded to the client to ensure payment is received.

QUOTED: For a quote which has been composed and forwarded to the client (the quoted amount in your chosen currency is required in the comment column).

TO DO: For jobs that are booked and not yet completed by the assigned fieldworker.

FAILED: Used when a field worker has visited a site in an attempt to complete a booking, however, the client no longer wishes to proceed. eg. if the client is unsatisfied with a sample result.

ON HOLD: For existing bookings that are delayed for an unknown period of time. For jobs placed on hold, a to follow date can be added informing customer service of the need to reschedule.

CANCELED: For when a job/quote has been canceled prior to any work commencing.

AWAITING UPDATE: When the job, payment and status details are not yet confirmed.

Can I create repeat / recurring bookings for a customer?

Absolutely, you can create repeat / recurring bookings by setting the start and end dates, select the frequency, e.g. every day, weekly, monthly, every six months etc.

To repeat a booking:

  1. Create the first booking
  2. Go to the original booking
  3. Click on the Actions button drop-down (top-right)
  4. Click on the Repeat Booking link
  5. Complete the required fields
  6. Save

Can I set a different price for the same service within a booking?

Yes, there is an option to alter pricing and edit service details when adding a service to a booking.

How can I schedule a first booking visit for today?

You will first need to create a booking and add the current date under ‘first visit’.

  1. After a fieldworker accepts the job, the I’m on my way option will appear at the top of the booking page.
  2. Once I’m on my way is selected (by fieldworker) a notification will be sent to the customer.
  3. Upon arrival at the job site, fieldworker selects I have arrived, which will transition to Start job.
  4. The required job completion time displays once Start job is selected at which point any photos can also be added.
  5. Upon job completion, selecting FINISH JOB the option to change the booking status to Completed, In progress or Failed will become available.

There are three required steps to complete a job:

  1. Fieldworker enters a job completion time and the site contact name.
  2. Select ‘Next‘ (top-right).
  3. New additional services or products used can be added by selecting ‘+Add New Service‘ or ‘ + Add Product‘.
  4. Any relevant photos can be uploaded following job completion for office or customer reference.

What is the Customer Portal and how can I set it up?

The Customer Portal is a web page where your customers can view your schedule in real-time, get accurate quotes, book your services and pay directly. You can link the mobile-friendly Customer Portal to your website, social media networks and directory pages, like Facebook and Yelp, or use the portal as a website on its own.

The page is fully customizable: choose colors, add your logo and your own imagery. Allow social login and storing credit card details for returning customers.

See examples and read more about the Customer Portal

Go to the Customer Portal tab under Communication Settings, and add your logo, greeting message, background imagery, and choose your color scheme. You can also edit the URL for the page to include your business name.

Can I import existing bookings?

Do you have existing bookings you want to import into OctopusPro? Contact our Support Team at and we can process the data for you.

Can I send documents to be signed electronically?

This is only available in the OctopusPro Corporate plan.

In other plans, field workers can take electronic signatures from customers on site e.g. as a verification for approving commencement or completion of a job, or as part of a payment process.

Payment & Invoicing FAQs

Which payment plans are available?

There are three plans available for OctopusPro.

Starter: For owner operators only. The maximum users for the starter plan are 2 (1 admin and 1 fieldworkers).

Established: Unlimited users, $5 per field worker user and $50 per admin user per month billed annually, or $6 per field worker user and $60 per admin user per month billed monthly

Corporate: Unlimited users, same pricing for users as in Established plan. Includes also a branded customer-facing app. To discuss app development pricing please contact us at

How do I create an invoice in OctopusPro?

The auto-generated invoices are dependant on the booking status.

  1. COMPLETED booking: The invoice for a completed booking will be auto-generated, including the cost of all added services.
  2. FAILED booking: The invoice for a failed booking may include a possible call out fee plus any relevant VAT/GST.
  3. CANCELLED booking: Besides any possible cancellation fee, the amount of its invoice will be ZERO.

To add a payment to a booking that is not auto-generated:

  1. Go to the booking by selecting the name
  2. Select Payment
  3. Select Add Payment (Invoice will open)
  4. Choose the payment type and enter the payment amount.

Using the mobile app:

  1. Go to Booking
  2. Select Billing
  3. Select Payment
  4. Enter the payment amount and complete the required fields
  5. Select Save

How do I set up worker payment structures?

You can set up commission based payment structures to your field workers. To set this up, go to the worker’s profile and select ‘Payment Agreement’.

Clicking on the edit icon on the left-hand side opens a pop-up where you can add the commission percentage, and a possible bond to be withheld.

A timesheet functionality is only available in the Corporate plan.

Does OctopusPro offer card reader integration?

OctopusPro supports Square card reader, other card readers will also be supported in the near future. However OctopusPro integrates with various payment gateways for credit card processing through the normal credit card form without using the card reader.

Can I use a Square reader for payments with OctopusPro?

You can use the card reader through the OctopusPro app when logged in as a fieldworker, but not when logged in as admin, if logged in as admin you can charge through the regular credit card form through Square.You must have configured your integration with Square under your Financial Settings in order for this to work.

Can an invoice be sent to the customer directly from the app after the job is complete?

Certainly! When a booking is complete, your fieldworker can update the booking completion details through the app, complete any forms you have setup, upload photos if required, and email the invoice and any reports required to your customer directly from the app. You can also automated sending unpaid invoices to your clients by activating the automated procedure that deals with outstanding invoice reminders.

Can I have the option to collect payment at the time of booking?

Certainly, you can integrate your account with your preferred payment gateway and charge your clients whenever you like. Your fieldworkers can collect payment directly from the customer through the app, and your admin users can also charge the customer over the phone through the admin portal or through the admin app. You can also email the invoice with the link for payment to your customer for them to pay through any browser.

How do I generate or create an invoice for a booking from the admin portal?

You don’t usually need to generate invoices manually for bookings as the invoice is generated automatically when the booking status is changed to Completed. The invoice is also generated automatically when the booking status is changed to Failed or Cancelled if there is a call out fee or cancellation fee to apply. The invoice is generated automatically in other cases as well, like when the customer books online through the customer portal and makes a payment against the booking.

However, you can still automatically generate an invoice for any booking that doesn’t have an invoice, like a future booking created by an office user with the status TO DO where you want to charge the customer a deposit or any amount in advance. To generate the invoice, simply go to the booking view page, press on the Actions button, then press on Generate Invoice link from the popup, this will generate an invoice for the booking that you can email to clients and take payments for. The invoice number generated will appear on the booking page and will also appear under the Payment button.

Services FAQs

How do I add a service to my OctopusPro account?

To add a service:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Service Settings
  3. Click on Services
  4. On the Services page, click on Create New
  5. Enter required fields: Name, Category, and Minimum Booking Price, and any additional information such as a description and images

Set your pricing

You can choose from three pricing models:

  1. Time, if you charge e.g. hourly
  2. Fixed, if you charge a one-off fee per service
  3. Unit, if you charge e.g. per square meter

Custom fields

Custom fields are fields that your customers can/need to answer when making a booking through your Customer Portal and/or Branded App, or admin staff when they create bookings, quotes, or inquiries manually.

Custom fields can be:

  • Additional costs on top of your base cost depending on customer’s selection
  • Additional information from your customers, helping you prepare better

Assign service to a fieldworker

In order to assign a service to a fieldworker, the service needs to be linked to the fieldworkers who are able to provide the service.

  • Fieldworkers can select which services they provide either in the OctopusPro fieldworker app or within the system by logging into their OctopusPro account in a browser
  • If required, admin staff can also edit each fieldworkers profile, and add services to them

Can I add custom fields to my services?

Navigate to the Custom Fields tab on the Service Settings page where you can create new custom fields, and connect them to the services where you want them to appear.

To create a custom field, give it at least a Label, Name (visible for admins only, e.g. to describe the use of the custom field), and select the Field Type from the drop-down.

If you select either ‘Toggle’ or ‘Text field (one line)’ from the custom field type drop-down, the ‘Default additional cost’ field will directly affect the pricing depending on customer’s selection. If you select for example a drop-down, you need to create the drop-down options. You can set additional costs and times to the options. Click on Add a new selection.

Assign the custom field to all the services where you want it to appear in by ticking the box next to the custom field and click on ‘Connect Custom Fields to Services’.

Is it possible to make the service cost have different prices depending on the number of hours booked? For example, 1 hour $100 then second hour $80?

Certainly, under your service settings, select the service you want to edit and go to the Cost and Payrate tab then press the Create a new rate button, the rates feature allows you to offer different rates to your customers depending on the quantity required.

Is it possible to designate specific prices for different cities and areas?

Yes, system administrators can determine specific pricing for selected areas.

  1. Go to Settings in the side menu
  2. Select Services Settings
  3. Select Service list
  4. Select Service Price Zone to the right of the service name
  5. Fill in the required fields
  6. Select Save

Can't edit a service because it is being used elsewhere in the system?

If possible locate the booking, estimate, inquiry, or the invoice the service is attached to and delete it.

Search by clicking on the magnifying glass icon at the top of the page.

If you don’t want to delete a booking the service is attached to, but want to change the pricing structure of your service, the best way to do it is setting the current service as invisible, and duplicating the service. In the duplicated service, you can make any changes as it won’t be linked to any bookings yet. Set the new service as visible and use that one from now on.

Integration FAQs

Is it possible to integrate Square with OctopusPro?

Yes, OctopusPro fully integrates with Square payments. To setup Square integration go to Settings > Financial Settings and follow the instructions.

Does OctopusPro synchronize with my QuickBooks account?

Yes, OctopusPro integrates with QuickBooks.

To integrate, go to Integrations (API) under Company Settings. You can get the parameter values from your QuickBooks account.

Does OctopusPro integrate with MYOB?

OctopusPro is currently integrated with Xero and QuickBooks. MYOB integration will be added in the near future, however, OctopusPro performs all invoicing requirements, and MYOB will only be required for taxation. You can always export your data from OctopusPro and import it into QuickBooks manually if needed.

Does OctopusPro integrate with HubSpot?

Not just yet, however, a Hubspot integration is planned.

Which costs are associated with using Twilio for communication?

OctopusPro does not charge for SMS and calls, but we integrate your account with Twilio if you want to be able to send SMS’s from and to the system, and enable your field workers to call and send SMS’s to customers from the app. Your Twilio fees will simply be added to your billing on a monthly basis, OctopusPro does not add any fees to this.

You only pay for the calls and SMS messages you send.

How do I integrate my Gmail and Google Calendar with OctopusPro?

To link your Gmail account to your OctopusPro account, add Gmail to your API list. To do this:

  1. Navigate to Company Settings
  2. Go to Integrations (API)
  3. Click on New Developer Integration API
  4. Select “Google-api-php-client” from the drop-down
  5. Enter the parameter details

To retrieve the parameter details, follow the instructions in this PDF file:

How do I import my data from ServiceM8?

ServiceM8 doesn’t allow syncing data with OctopusPro, so the best say to import your data is to export it from ServiceM8 then import it manually into your OctopusPro account. If you need help with this please contact our support team.

Customer FAQs

How can I communicate with customers?

You can communicate with your customers using both the mobile app and website.

Office staff and fieldworkers can communicate with customers directly via a customer booking or enquiry form and mobile fieldworkers can easily make calls to your office staff and customers directly using the mobile app.

Can I add a complaint without having a booking?

No, customer feedback must have a booking reference.

To add a complaint:

  1. Navigate to the booking
  2. Click on the Booking drop-down
  3. Select Add Complaint
  4. Complete the required fields
  5. Save

What is the Inquiry Widget and how can I set it up?

The Inquiry Widget is a form that can be linked to your website, through which customers can easily send in inquiries. The inquiries will automatically appear in the Inquiries section in your OctopusPro account, which makes them easy to follow-up.

To set it up, go to the Inquiry Widget section under Inquiries in the Communication Settings. You can select the colors and text for the form. You will then need to copy the piece of code into the section on your website where you want the widget to appear.

Can I have a branded customer-facing app?

Yes, by opting for OctopusPro’s Corporate plan, you can gain visibility in front of millions of potential customers and reap the benefits of listing an app under your business name in the App Store and Google Play Store.

Your customers are able to download the app to get quotes, make bookings and communicate with your workers.

Become the go-to app for your industry without the need to be an app expert – we will manage the whole process from start to finish for you.

Contact us now a to learn more about the opportunity.

Read more about the Branded App

Can I import existing customers into the system?

Absolutely, you can import your existing customer base into OctopusPro.

1. Go to the Import Data section under your Company Settings
2. Click on the ‘Import Customers’ button
3. Download the Customer Import Template
4. Open the file in Google Drive, fill in the information
5. Upload the file on the Import Data page to import

Can I add extra custom fields to the fieldworker profile?

Certainly! Custom fields can be added to your customer profiles to record any information that is not included in the standard customer profile. For example, you can create a custom field to record your customer’s date of birth, gender, hobbies, interests, height, or any other helpful information specific to your industry. You can set the fields to display pre-entered values to select from.

These new fields will display in your customer profile and can be edited by your team and your customers when logged in to their accounts. Private information can be hidden using the visibility flag. Customer reports using this information can be generated for your sales or marketing teams.
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