Inquiries General Overview


The inquiries tab holds all of the information related to customer inquiries about your products or services. Customer inquiries may be made by telephone or online, depending on the nature of your organization.
This feature categorizes inquiries to help you get the most from new leads and keep track of old ones. The number at the side of the tab indicates how many inquiries there are currently in that category.


New Inquiries All new inquiries that have been made via the website or have been made via the telephone and then inputted by an employee
My Inquiries All inquiries that the user has actioned or responded to
To Follow All inquiries that have a follow up attached to them
All Inquiries All inquiries
Deleted Inquiries All inquiries that have been deleted
Spam Inquiries All inquiries that have been marked as spam
Unlabeled All inquiries that have not been labeled by a user
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