Contact a Customer

Contact a customer

Office staff can contact a customer regarding an INQ/EST/BOK/INV/CMP at any time. There are a number of ways to contact a customer, depending on the method of communication you wish to use and what the topic is regarding. To do this:
  1. Go to Customers
  2. Select All Customers, this will show you an overview of all customers sorted by recently added
  3. On the overview of the customer you wish to contact, click one of the blue contact icons


  • Go to the INQ/EST/BOK/INV/CMP overview and click one of the contact icons below the customer’s name

  1. Go to the Customer Details page by searching for a customer or clicking on a customer’s name within an INQ/EST/BOK/INV/CMP
  2. Click Email at the top left of the customer details page
  3. Select a canned response or type an email
  4. Press Send

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