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Customer Portal URL 

Your customers’ portal URL can be customized and white-labeled to suit your business. You can edit the portal username part of the URL to something suitable for your business branding. You can also edit the domain name in the URL. Customize your portal URL to increase your company’s online presence and make your brand look more professional. It makes you easily findable and allows you to distinguish yourself from someone with the same name as your brand.

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To view and edit your portal URL:

Go to Settings > Customer Portal > General Settings. You will be redirected to the customer portal general settings page.

Click on “Portal URL“ if you want to view your customer portal prior to customization.

For more info about how to customize and personalize your customer portal, please visit https://help.octopuspro.com/customer-portal-branding-style 

Editing your customer’s portal username in the URL

Click on “ Edit Portal Username”  to edit the portal username part of the URL to something suitable to your business branding.

 Enter your preferred portal name in the designated box Then click on Save

When you edit  the user name of the URL It’s shown as the following

Editing your Customer’s portal domain name in the URL

Click on “Edit Domain Name in URL” so you can integrate your customer portal with your own domain.

Note that :

  • You can fully white-label your customer portal URL and use your own website domain name www.yourdomain.com instead of using booking.octopuspro.com, making your business appear more professional while keeping customers under your own website domain name.
  • You must first decide whether you want to set your entire domain name to point to your customer portal, or whether you prefer to create a subdomain that points to your customer portal and then integrate it with your existing website. 
  • If you decide to redirect your website domain name www.yourdomain.com to your customer portal, you need to edit the DNS records of your domain name and create a CNAME that points to one of the following subdomains depending on your region, (us.octopuspro.com, eu.octopuspro.com, au.octopuspro.com).
  • If you decide to use a subdomain, like booking.yourdomain.com, or portal.yourdomain.com, you need to create a CNAME with any keyword you choose, and simply set that to point to either one of the three subdomains, based on your region (us.octopuspro.com, eu.octopuspro.com, au.octopuspro.com).

To edit the domain name in the URL it’s shown as the following

Integrate your customer portal with your website.

You can integrate your customer portal with your website by simply linking your portal to your website. Create a link or a button on your website that links to your customer portal, it can be a simple “Book Now” button that links to your customer portal URL.

Is there a charge to use the website domain name in the customer portal URL?

There is an additional cost for using your own domain in your customer portal URL, charges can be found in the extra charges section on the pricing page help.octopuspro.com/pricing.

Login to your domain host account and edit the DNS records for your domain. If you don’t know how to edit your DNS records please contact your domain host or website administrator. An example of popular domain hosts is GoDaddy, Google Domains, Domain.com, Bluehost, HostGator, Namecheap, DreamHost, Shopify, and BuyDomains.

You must inform us once this is complete so our server engineers can configure our servers before the changes can take effect.

For more information, please visit the Octopuspro user guide and subscribe to our youtube channel.

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