Integrate an Existing Mailing List

Integrate an existing mailing list

If you already have an account with an external mailing list provider, you can integrate it with your OctopusPro account to continue using existing mailing lists.
To do integration with MailChimp:
  1. You must have opened an account with MailChimp first.
  2. MailChimp provides free accounts up until a certain volume.
  3. You will need to generate an API key which is a unique set of numbers and letters in MailChimp and copy that into OctopusPro API.
  4. See the following knowledge base page to find out how to generate a MailChimp API key:
  5. Once you have generated the MailChimp API key, copy and paste into the OctopusPro – API/MailChimp option as per the image below.
  6. Go to Settings/API and select New / MailChimp API.

7. Once you have saved the MailChimp API into OctopusPro you can then Synch email lists into MailChimp through the Mailing List Synch button.
8. Go to Settings/Public Settings/Mailing List and then you can synch your mailing list as per below image

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