Logging into the OctopusPro Field Worker App

Logging into the OctopusPro App

All fieldworkers and office/admin users with an OctopusPro account are able to login from mobile devices using the OctopusPro app. Fieldworkers and admin users get a complete different app interface when logging into the app.

Do fieldworkers also have OctopusPro accounts?

Each fieldworker will have an account to log into the OctopusPro mobile app and web portal.

How do I add fieldworkers to my account or invite them to use OctopusPro?

There are multiple ways to add fieldworkers to your account.

  • You can email your fieldworkers a link for them to sign up themselves, which is available in your customer portal settings.
  • You can have your fieldworker signup link visible on your website and customer portal.
  • You can add your fieldworkers manually from your users settings or fieldworkers page which will email them a verification link.
  • You can import your fieldworkers via a csv list from your users settings or fieldworkers page, this will email each fieldworker in the list a link to verify their email.
  • You can sync your fieldworkers from your QuickBooks or Xero accounts.

Remember to always ask your fieldworkers to download the app before their account is created.

Once you create a new fieldworker profile, they will receive an email to join your team and OctopusPro, and can set their own password to log in.

Admins can create fieldworkers accounts.

  1. Go to Settings from the side menu
  2. Go to User Settings
  3. Select Users
  4. Select New User (top-left)
  5. Complete the required fields.
  6. Select Save

Remember to always ask your fieldworkers to download the app before their account is created.

How do my fieldworkers login to enter their details and complete their profile?

OctopusPro allows your fieldworkers to signup for an account and login to their accounts via the app or browser.

The first step for fieldworkers is to download the app and get setup so they can start taking on jobs, by simply searching for the OctopusPro app and downloading it.

If your company has a branded app provided by OctopusPro, your fieldworkers should download your branded app to use instead of the OctopusPro app.

Once the app has been downloaded and you open it for the first time they will need to allow the app to send you notifications. It is also very important to allow the app to access their location while you are using it. This is crucial as many functions of the app will require access to their location in order to calculate data such as estimated time of arrival, leave now reminder and running late alarms, as well as job check in and check out times.

For fieldworkers to login to the OctopusPro app they must first ensure that they have a verified account. If you have already created an account for your fieldworkers or imported their email into your fieldworker list, they won’t need to sign up themselves and can start directly by clicking on the verification link they received when you create their account to verify their email and create a password for their account.

Once their email has been verified and their password has been created, they can login to their account to start setting up their profile and start taking on jobs.

If you have not created an account for your fieldworkers, they can sign up themselves either via the signup form that you would provide them or have published on your website. This signup form works on any browser on any device.

If your company has a branded app, they can sign up directly through your app, to sign up they simply open your app and press “SignUp”. Here they will need to add their

  • name
  • phone number – including country code
  • email address
  • and a password

Once their account is created they will need to confirm and activate their account from the activation email sent to them. Once they have activated their account they need to go back to the app and sign in with their email and password. Now they will be in the app as a customer – and they will need to switch over to access the app as a fieldworker. To do this

  • Go to the menu in the top left hand corner of the app screen
  • Down the bottom of the menu list, press on the option that allows them to sign in as a field worker

Here they will need to sign up a second time and verify their email again also. At this point when they press the VERIFY ACCOUNT button they will be taken into their account where they can complete their profile including

  • Personal details
  • The services they provide
  • Working hours
  • Contract signature

Once confirmed they can sign out of here and log back into the app as a fieldworker

Now they are going to need to edit and update their profile. Go to the main menu at the top left hand corner of the screen and click on their name. And by pressing on the vacant profile picture  select if they want to take a picture of themselves with their phone camera or choose a photo from their photo gallery stored on their smartphone.

To complete their profile they should go to the main menu at the top of the screen – and click on their profile picture, then click on the “MY ACCOUNT” tab

Here they can update the following details if it applies to them

  • Bio – where they can write a bit about their background and experience
  • Business Name and details
  • Contact details
  • Bank account details
  • Drivers license and registration details
  • Employee details

My fieldworker doesn’t know what his password is, what should he do?

If any of your fieldworkers don’t know or can’t remember their password they can use the forgot password link at the bottom of the login form to create a new password.

If an admin has created a field worker account, the field worker will automatically be sent an email requesting to verify their account by downloading the OctopusPro app and logging in with the credentials sent to them.

Download the OctopusPro field worker app on your Android or iOS device.

Once you have verified your account, complete your profile by adding your services, service areas, and any missing personal details and/or a photo.

To do this, navigate to My Account in the top left corner.

  • Click on Contractor Availability to select the areas where you are able to travel for work
  • Click on New Service to activate all the services you provide

These settings enable the office to assign you jobs!

Can fieldworkers register directly through my website?

Your fieldworkers can signup or register for an account through a link provided to you in your customer portal settings. Once your fieldworkers sign up they will receive an activation link to their email, once they activate their account they will be able to login to the app and setup their profile. They can also setup their profile via a browser.

You can customize the registration form for your fieldworkers by adding custom fields to their profile from under your Settings > General Settings > Fieldworker Profile

Can we have fieldworkers that are employees and other that are contractors?

OctopusPro allows you to define the type of each fieldworker from under their profile and set wether they are an employee of your business or wether they are a contractor or a subcontractor to your business. You can work with both employees and contractors at the same time as this is set at a their profile level, you can set also their pay rate to help you calculate their pay based on their scheduled and completed jobs, with the flexibility of setting their payment structure as an hourly rate, as a commission of invoiced amounts or as a set rate per service. You can also calculate their due payments and manage their payments and outstanding amounts using the fieldworker booking summary report.

Can I add extra custom fields to the fieldworker profile?

Certainly! Custom fields can be added to your fieldworker profiles to record any information not included in the standard fieldworker profile. For example, you can create a custom field to record your fieldworker’s work experience, education, hobbies, interests, date of birth, gender, height, or any other helpful information specific to your industry. You can also set the fields to display pre-entered values to select from.

These new fields will show in your fieldworker’s profile and can be edited by your office users and by your fieldworkers when logged in to their accounts. If your fieldworker profiles are available to customers the fields will be visible by default. Private information for each field can be made available for private or office use using the visibility flag.

Can my fieldworkers sign a contract when they register?

You can ask your fieldworkers to sign your contract when signing up by simply adding your contract into your company settings. Once signed, the signed contract will be stored and made visible to you and your fieldworker for future reference allowing you to see the history of signed contracts for each fieldworker.

Can my fieldworkers manage their calendars and availability?

Each of your fieldworkers have their own calendar in OctopusPro, your fieldworkers can login to their profile and set their working hours when they are happy to do bookings. They can also mark themselves as unavailable during their set working hours, e.g., if they have other appointments or commitments. Your fieldworkers’ working hours and blocked/unavailable times can also be edited by your office users when needed. Your office users can also perform all these actions on behalf of the fieldworker through the admin portal.

Can my fieldworkers view my customers contact details at all times?

By default, your fieldworkers can see your customer contact details at all times, including mobile numbers, phone numbers and email addresses. You can disable/enable this from under your fieldworker permissions under your bookings settings and decide what information you want to share with your fieldworkers. You can also hide contact details for bookings util the fieldworker presses the On The Way button from the app when heading to the job if required.

Can my fieldworkers view the amount billed to the customer?

By default, your fieldworkers can see the quoted amount for bookings, meaning that your fieldworkers can see how much your customers are being charged for their bookings. If you need to hide this information from your fieldworkers then disable this feature, which will hide anything related to billing and invoicing from your fieldworkers, your fieldworkers will still be able to see wether a booking has been paid without seeing the payment amount. You can disable/enable this from under your fieldworker permissions under your bookings settings.

Can my fieldworkers view their earnings for their bookings?

By default, your fieldworkers can see their earnings for each booking in the app. If you need to hide this information from showing to your fieldworkers, then you should deactivate this feature. You can disable/enable this from under your fieldworker permissions under your bookings settings.

Can my fieldworkers accept and decline booking requests?

By default, your fieldworkers can accept or decline services in new booking requests they receive through the app. However, if your business does not give that flexibility to fieldworkers you can disable this feature by deactivating this flag. If this flag is inactive, when booking requests are sent to fieldworkers they will be accepted by default, and your fieldworkers will no longer have the option to decline any of the bookings assigned to them. You can disable/enable this from under your fieldworker permissions under your bookings settings.

Can my fieldworkers view my entire customer database when making new bookings?

By default, when making bookings, fieldworkers can only view the list of customers that they themselves have added; and only those customers will be displayed for them to select from. If your fieldworkers want to create a new booking for a customer that you already have in your database, they will have to add the details of the customer again as they can’t see your database. If you want to give your fieldworkers access to your entire customer database to select from without any restrictions, then you should activate this flag. Please note that activating this flag means that all your fieldworkers will have access to view the list of all your customers and view all their contact details including phone numbers, emails and address. You can disable/enable this flag from under your fieldworker permissions under your bookings settings.

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