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Ratings and rankings

What are Ratings?

After each job is complete, we encourage customers to rate their overall experience on a five-star scale and provide feedback on the service they received. As a subcontractor, your ratings are important. The higher your rating, the more job requests you will receive.
What are Rankings?
Your rankings are based on feedback from both your customers and the office staff, assessing the quality, standard and performance of your work. Rankings are calculated over a period of time and can change depending on your performance.



View your Ratings?
Your overall rating can be viewed by yourself, the office staff and your customers. You can view your rating at any time. To do this:
1. Go to your profile
2. Your rating will appear under your name


You can also view your rating for each job you have completed. This can be viewed by yourself, the office and the customer who left the rating, but can not be viewed by any other customers.
To view your rating for a specific booking:
1. Go to the booking
2. The rating for this booking will appear at the top of the page
3. Click the drop-down arrow to view a breakdown of this rating and any feedback left by the customer


Improve your Rating and Ranking
To improve your ratings you simply need to focus on your work performance. You will be rated on the service you provide from start to finish, for every booking that you accept. As your rankings are based on your ratings you must focus on achieving high ratings for all jobs you complete to improve your ranking.
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