Ratings and Rankings for Fieldworkers in OctopusPro

Ratings and Rankings for Fieldworkers in OctopusPro

As a fieldworker using the OctopusPro app, it is crucial to understand how the ratings, reviews, and rankings systems work. These systems are designed to reflect your performance and ensure that you provide high-quality services to your customers. By maintaining a high rating, positive reviews, and a strong ranking, you will receive more job requests and enhance your reputation within the platform.

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Ratings and Reviews: Definition and Importance

Ratings are a way for customers to evaluate their overall experience with a fieldworker after a job is completed. Customers are encouraged to provide feedback on the service they received by assigning a star rating on a five-star scale and writing a review to share their thoughts.

As a subcontractor, your ratings and reviews are crucial to your success on the platform. Higher ratings and positive reviews directly correlate with an increased number of job requests. Furthermore, these ratings and reviews might be visible to customers, depending on the company admin settings, which could affect their booking decisions.

Rankings: Definition and Importance

Rankings represent a fieldworker’s overall standing within the OctopusPro platform, taking into account feedback from both customers and office staff. Rankings assess the quality, standard, and performance of your work over time, and can change depending on your performance. A higher ranking demonstrates your commitment to excellence and can lead to more job opportunities.

Viewing Your Ratings, Reviews, and Rankings

Your overall rating, reviews, and rankings are visible to yourself, the office staff, and your customers (depending on company admin settings). To view your rating, reviews, and rankings at any time, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your profile.
  2. Your rating, reviews, and rankings will be displayed under your name.

Additionally, you can view your rating and reviews for each completed job. This information can be seen by yourself, the office staff, and the customer who left the rating and review, but not by any other customers. To view your rating and review for a specific booking, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the booking.
  2. The rating for this booking will be displayed at the top of the page.
  3. Click the drop-down arrow to view a breakdown of this rating, the review, and any feedback left by the customer.

Improving Your Rating, Reviews, and Ranking

To improve your ratings, reviews, and rankings, focus on consistently delivering high-quality work. Your ratings and reviews are based on the service you provide from start to finish for every booking you accept. Since rankings are derived from your ratings and reviews, it is essential to achieve high ratings and positive reviews for all jobs you complete to improve your ranking. This will, in turn, lead to more job requests and a stronger reputation within the OctopusPro platform. Here are some tips to help you improve your ratings, reviews, and rankings:

  1. Communicate clearly and professionally with your customers, both before and after the job.
  2. Be punctual and respect your customers’ time.
  3. Deliver high-quality work that meets or exceeds customer expectations.
  4. Be proactive in solving problems or addressing customer concerns.
  5. Ask for feedback from customers and take their suggestions into account to improve your future performance.

By putting in the effort to consistently provide excellent service, you will not only improve your ratings, reviews, and rankings but also build a loyal customer base and enjoy long-term success on the OctopusPro platform.

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