Customer Portal Settings to Accept Online Bookings

Customer Portal Settings – Accept Bookings Online

Welcome to the world of OctopusPro, where we empower businesses like yours to master online presence and boost customer interactions. OctopusPro’s customizable Customer Portal Settings are your gateway to an elevated online experience, transforming your operations from ordinary to extraordinary.

Whether you want to establish your brand with a custom white-labeled URL, increase traffic with advanced SEO techniques, or track user behavior with Google Analytics, OctopusPro is your ally. Seamlessly incorporate your Privacy Policy, optimize bookings with a personalized disclaimer, or lure customers with eye-catching homepage promotions. OctopusPro helps you connect, communicate, and convert like never before.

On this page, we guide you through each feature, illustrating how easy it is to tweak these settings to suit your business. For instance, create a more inclusive experience by enabling a multilingual customer portal. Keep track of your marketing efforts with Google Adwords and Facebook Pixel integration, each offering valuable insights into customer behavior.

Discover the power of seamless payment integration with multiple payment methods, ensuring a smooth checkout process for your customers. Each of these settings is conveniently located within the General Settings of your OctopusPro account.

Dive in and explore how these features, designed with your business in mind, can help you grow your customer base, enhance brand awareness, and drive revenue like never before. With OctopusPro, the power to shape your business’s future is in your hands.

Go to Settings > Customer Portal > General Settings 

Table of Contents

Portal URL 

Your customers’ portal URL can be customized and white-labeled to suit your business. You can edit the portal username part of the URL to something suitable for your business branding. You can also edit the domain name in the URL. Customize your portal URL to increase your company’s online presence and make your brand look more professional. It makes you easily findable and allows you to distinguish yourself from someone with the same name as your brand.

Go to Settings > Customer Portal > General Settings. You will be redirected to the customer portal general settings page.

For more information visit  Portal URL


Customer portal language

OctopusPro allows your customers to select their preferred language on the customer portal, they can choose the languages that you enabled in your settings. Your customers will be able to choose a language from the list of your active languages while browsing through your portal.

For more information visit Customer portal language

Booking Disclaimer 

The booking disclaimer is a statement for your customers to see on the booking overview before confirming the booking. It enables you to give your customers a brief about everything related to your booking. A booking disclaimer can include policies, booking processes, payment terms, travel conditions, booking timeline, or any special condition your customers need to be informed about before placing the booking.

For more information visit Booking Disclaimer

Privacy Policy

OctopusPro allows you to add your customized privacy policy to be added and displayed on the customer portal, as privacy laws require you to have a privacy policy on your website if you collect personal information from your website visitors.

To add and edit your privacy policy on the customer portal, Go to Settings > Customer portal > General settings, you will be directed to the general settings page to set up your privacy policy.

You can write your privacy policy in the following text box in the general settings to be displayed on the customer portal.

For more information visit Privacy Policy 

Homepage Promotions

– You can create new promotions to maintain your current customers’ base loyalty and attract new customers.

– Offering a discount, coupons or vouchers will draw customers to check your services and make a purchase, increasing your sales and your customers base.

– When you create promotions that help increase your customers base, you also enhance your brand awareness.

To add a promotion to your homepage, Enable the related toggle via navigating to Settings> Customer portal> Homepage promotions as displayed below:

For more information visit Homepage Promotions

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

OctopusPro allows you to optimize your customer portal so it appears at the top of the search pages in the different search engines. This improves the quality and quantity of website traffic to your customer portal from search engines.

To add a meta title to your customer portal, navigate to Settings > Customer portal > General settings. Scroll down to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). There will be a field titled Page meta title that you can fill:

For more information visit Search Engine Optimization

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an analytics tool that gives you an extremely in-depth look at your website performance. It provides you with insights about your website visitors and their behavior on the site. You can get real-time visitors data, including the number of visitors, their location, how they got to your website, what page they are on, and much more. This way you can set goals for your website and optimize it according to real metrics.

Navigate to Settings > Customer portal > General settings. Scroll down to Google Analytics

For more information visit Google Analytics

Google Adwords

Google Ads is Google’s online advertising program where you can create online ads to reach people exactly when they’re interested in the products and services that you offer. It is a Google product that you can use to promote your business, help sell products or services, and increase traffic to your website. Google also allows you to track your conversions by using global site tags and event snippet. To learn more about Google Ads and how it works, click here.

Global site tag 

The global site tag should be placed on all pages of your customer portal. While this might not be an easy task for you, OctopusPro facilitates adding the code to all your customer portal pages automatically by following the below steps:

Go to Settings > Customer Portal > General Settings, and scroll down to Google ads. Copy and paste your global site tag code into the text box provided.

Event snippet 

For website conversion tracking to work, the event snippet should be installed on the conversion page itself. OctopusPro automatically adds the code to your customer portal booking confirmation page. However, if you wish to measure your conversion rate in another way, contact our support team.  

Go to Settings > Customer Portal > General Settings, and scroll down to Google ads. Copy and paste your event snippet code into the text box provided.

For more information visit Google Adwords

Facebook Pixel 

The Facebook Pixel is a piece of code you can add to your website that lets you measure, optimize and build audiences for your advertising campaigns. This tool is crucial if you are using Facebook ads to market your business. It lets you measure the traffic and conversion rate you acquired from your Facebook Ads.

OctopusPro allows you to add your Facebook pixel base code (what you see when you create your pixel) to your customer portal.

To do so, navigate to Settings > Customer portal > General settings. Scroll down to Facebook pixel.

Add your Facebook pixel base code in the text box:

For more information visit Facebook Pixel

Payment Methods 

OctopusPro gives you the opportunity to choose your payment types that your customers can pay accordingly. It gives your customers several options to choose from as they can pay by cash, bank transfer, cheque, and other options that you can manage to add to your system and activate it to be displayed in the customer portal while your customers are checking out with their booking. 

To control the payments displayed on your customer portal, go to Settings > Customer Portal > General Settings. You will be redirected to the general settings page and the payment methods flag will be at the bottom of the page.

You can choose your payment type that will be displayed to your customers while placing a booking through your customer portal. According to how it fits your business, you can enable your preferred payment by switching the toggle button, the payments included will be the ones that you have already added to your business. 

For more information visit Payment Methods 

For more information please visit Octopuspro user guide, and subscribe to our youtube channel.

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