Delete a Booking

Delete a booking

This page list of contents:

  1. Deleting a Single Booking
  2. To delete multiple bookings
  3. Deleing a booking considerations

A user may want to delete a booking for a number of reasons, for example, if the booking was created by mistake or accidentally duplicated.

Deleting a Single Booking

  1. Go to the booking view page
  2. Click Actions at the top right of the page


  1. Go to Bookings
  2. Select the type of booking you wish to view or select All Bookings
  3. On the booking overview click Actions

4. Select Delete
5. Press Ok

To delete multiple bookings:

  1. Go to Bookings
  2. Select the type of booking you wish to view or select All Bookings
  3. Check the box beside the BOK number (you can select multiple bookings if you wish)
  4. Click the red Delete icon at the top of the list

Deleing a booking considerations

Before deleting a booking there are some restrictions that you need to take in mind before taking the action, otherwise, you will be prevented from deleting a booking, the alert ‘Failed to delete, booking(s) is used will appear at the top of the page

  • Open invoice: If there is an open invoice related to your booking, the booking won’t delete unless the invoice is paid and closed.
  • Fieldworker share: You can set the fieldworker share from Fieldworker > Actions > Payment Agreement, the fieldworker share in simple worlds is the agreement between the fieldworker side and the company side about the financials, it can be a share percentage for the fieldworker from each booking, or it can be a flat rate.
  • Unapproved payment: If the booking has an unapproved payment related to that booking, you can’t delete the booking, the most familiar scenario for this to happen is when the fieldworker accepts cash payment from the customer, but the payment has not been received and the approved by the company side, in that case, you can not delete the booking related to this payment.
  • Booking complaint: Deleting a booking with a complaint attached to it is not possible, you should delete the complaint first, and taking the delete action after, you can delete complaints from the booking view page, or from the feedback lists.
  • Refund: If there is a refund on an approved payment related to a booking, this booking can’t be deleted (it doesn’t matter if the refunded amount is accepted by the admin user or not, the booking won’t be deleted).

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