Adding Payments to Invoices & Processing Payments

Adding Payments to Invoices & Processing Payments

With OctopusPro, businesses have multiple avenues to process and record payments. The system is designed to accommodate a variety of payment methods, each with its distinct workflow.

Credit Card Payments

Prerequisite – Integrated Payment Gateway

  • To facilitate credit card payments, you must have a payment gateway integrated.
  • Configure this by navigating to “Settings” > “Financial Settings” > “Payment Integration.”
  • If no payment gateway is set up, the system defaults to the non-credit card payment page when accessing the ‘Add Payment’ link.

Automatic Approval and Assignment

  • Payments processed using a credit card through OctopusPro (given an integrated payment gateway) are automatically approved.
  • Each approved payment is assigned a unique payment reference number.

Processing a Credit Card Payment (With Integrated Gateway)

  • Navigate to the desired invoice.
  • Click “Payment” at the top right, then select “Add Payment”.

  • The credit card payment form is the default.
  • View any stored cards linked to the invoice or customer profile for a quick payment process.
  • To process using a different card, input its details and confirm.

  • Upon confirmation, the system validates, approves, and assigns a reference number.

Non-Credit Card Payments (e.g., Cash, Bank Transfer, Cheque)

Manual Approval Required

  • Non-credit card payments need verification and approval by an authorized admin user.

Recording a Non-Credit Card Payment

  • Access the invoice.
  • Click “Payment” at the top right, then select “Add Payment” to open the default credit card payment page.

  • On this page, click “Add other payment methods” at the top.

  • Choose your payment type.
  • Input the necessary details.
  • Use the button at the top to switch back to the credit card option, if needed.

  • An authorized admin user will subsequently review and approve the payment.

Importing Bank Transfer Payments

Batch-import bank transfers via a CSV file:

  • Navigate to “Invoices” > “Payments Received”
  • Opt for “Import Payments” then “Import Bank Transactions”
  • Ensure the CSV format matches the platform’s requirements.

  • After uploading, the payments will be in a pending state, awaiting manual admin approval.

Synchronizing Payments from Accounting Systems

Seamlessly synchronize payments from accounting tools:

  • Go to Settings > Financial Settings.
  • Select QuickBooks Integrations or Xero Integrations from the list, depending on your accounting software.
  • Follow the prompts to connect.

  • Once linked, go to “Payments” > “Pull from QuickBooks/Pull from Xero.”

  • The system retrieves recent payments, which you can then review, approve, or decline.

Alternate Access for Payment Page

You can also access the payment page directly from the invoice listing:

  1. Navigate to the invoice listing page. Invoices > All Invoices
  2. Identify the desired invoice.
  3. Click on the “Actions” button beside it.
  4. From the dropdown, select “Add Payment” to be directed to the payment page.

OctopusPro offers a structured, user-friendly approach to financial management, ensuring businesses can effectively handle their transactions.

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