Add Due Dates

Add due dates

Get paid on time without the need to manually chase payments.

Set a default due date for all invoices. The default you choose will be set as payment terms and will be stated in all your invoices. E.g. if chosen 3 days, invoices will state ‘Payment Terms: 3 day(s)’.

Your customers will automatically be sent a payment reminder email after the period you choose. E.g. if chosen 3 days, customers receive a reminder 3 days after receiving an invoice. Customers will receive a weekly reminder, and after 30 days a daily reminder. See more in Automated Procedures.

To set a default due date:

  1. Navigate to Payment Terms under Financial Settings
  2. Activate the radio button under ‘Default’ on the row of the selected due date

To add a custom due date, click on the plus sign and enter the number of days.


If your company takes payment on site of the job, your default due date should be set as 0

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