Add a Service Discount

Add a discount range to a service

You can choose from three pricing models to set the base cost for your service:

Time, if you charge e.g. hourly
Fixed, if you charge a one-off fee per service
Unit, if you charge e.g. per square meter

You can add discount ranges for services that you charge by time or unit. The correct price will populate automatically when a quantity within the discount range is entered into an inquiry, estimate, or a booking form.

To add a discount range for a service:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Service Settings
  3. Click Service List
  4. Select the service you want to add a discount range for
  5. Scroll down to the Discount range section and click Add new range
  6. Enter the quantity range and discount for this range
  7. You can add multiple discount ranges
  8. Save the discount range to complete

You can select if you want the discount to be a percentage, an amount per hour, or a one-off amount.

Discount range examples

Charging by time:
A business offering babysitting services might want to charge more for just a few hours and give a discount for longer babysitting bookings. E.g. set the range as 5-10 hours, and the discount as 10%.

Charging by unit:
A business charges per square meter and e.g. an area of 1-99 m2 costs $2,99 per unit. However, 100-200 m2 can be set to have a cheaper rate of $1,99.

The discount range will affect the unit price. In this example, the unit price for a photo is $10, if a customer wants 5 photos the unit price will change and become $9. Between 5 and 10 photos, the unit price decreases by $1 to $2, depending on the quantity. The system will automatically multiply the quantity by the new unit price.

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