Assign Credentials to a Role

Assign credentials to a role

Once you have added a role, you can assign credentials to each role.
This enables you to control the level of engagement that different types of users have with different aspects of the system. For example, some users, such as field workers, may have less access to the system than admin users. To assign credentials:
  1. Click Assign Credentials
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Select User Settings
  4. Click User Roles
  5. Click Assign Credentials under the role name of your choice
  6. Click each heading to view all permissions in that section, or click Open All at the top to see all options in all headings
  7. Tick or untick as appropriate
  8. Once you have assigned credentials, Save

Regarding your Field workers, you can make their profile inactive without deleting their data. This is why you can assign credentials to an inactive profile and allow them to still access some information:

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