Send Material Mailing List

Send material to a mailing list

When you have created or integrated your own mailing list, you can now send material to all customers on the mailing list. To do this:
  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Public Settings
  3. Click Mailing List
  4. Click Send Email

5. Choose the mailing list you want to email from the drop down box
6. Enter a subject
7. Choose an email template from the list or type an email
8. Press Send
Several email/message templates have been pre-configured for your convenience with example content and include messages like email reminders, sms booking confirmations, limited time offer, forgot password, payment acknowledgement and complaint acknowledgement to name a few.
Optionally you can include a hotlink in the text ($20 off) to your website. Make sure you use the format http//:www. In the Link URL box.
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