Assign an Attribute to a Service

Assign an attribute to a service

Once you have created attributes and added values, you can assign attributes to a service. This means that when a service is added to an inquiry/estimate/booking form, the user can enter information based on the attributes that are assigned to the service.
To add an attribute to a service:
  • Go to Settings
  • Select Service Settings
  • Click Services List
  • Click Manage Attributes on the service to which you want to add the attribute
  • Click New Service Attribute
  • Choose an attribute from the list
  • Enter the attribute information
  • Press Save

You can add as much attribute as you want, but some of them are required:
  • Price Attribute
  • Quantity Attribute
If you check the box Read only you won’t be able to edit the value in your booking, if you check Hidden you won’t see this attribute in your booking.
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