Optimize Customer Management with OctopusPro for Admin Users and Authorized Fieldworkers

Advanced Customer Management & CRM Solution

Elevate your field service business and foster long-lasting customer relationships with OctopusPro’s all-inclusive Customer Management & CRM solution. Tailored for admin users and fieldworkers with granted access, OctopusPro’s CRM system equips you with cutting-edge tools to optimize customer management, boost communication, and enhance overall business performance.

Admin users enjoy the full suite of OctopusPro’s customer management capabilities, while fieldworkers can access customer information when granted permission by admin users through settings under General Settings > Fieldworker Permissions.

This user guide delves into the extensive range of features and tools offered by OctopusPro to help you expertly manage customers, whether you’re an admin user or an authorized fieldworker with access to the platform.

In this article

  1. Overview of Customer Management Features
  2. Customer Directory and CRM
  3. Customer Communication and Organization
  4. One Connected Workflow and Record Keeping
  5. Additional Features and Benefits

Overview of Customer Management Features

OctopusPro stores essential client information, such as history, billing, jobs, quotes, invoices, complaints, and payments. Access this data anywhere with internet access or via the iOS and Android apps. OctopusPro’s CRM solutions provide embedded communication tracking, automation, and forecasting to help you manage leads, prospects, and customers strategically while reducing manual administrative tasks.

Customer Directory and CRM

The customer directory lists all customers, deleted customers, and allows you to find duplicate customers. Filter the list by customer type using the drop-down menu on the right side of the page. Improve customer retention with built-in CRM tools that let you:

  1. Customize customer profile fields and manage customer lists effortlessly.
  2. Store and manage details of customer dependents and associated properties (e.g., children, pets, vehicles, equipment, homes, and business locations).
  3. Engage customers, personalize experiences, track behavior, automate communications, and offer incentives to improve retention and loyalty.
  4. Encourage referrals through referral codes and discount vouchers.
  5. Efficiently access customer data using advanced search and eliminate duplicates.

  6. View customer statements, import/export data, and communicate flexibly.
  7. Offer convenience by allowing customers to save payment methods and frequently used locations for faster checkout.
  8. Manage mailing lists and auto sync with leading email marketing services like Mailchimp.
  9. View complete logs and history of each customer interaction, transaction, and payment.
  10. Integrate with Google AdWords, Facebook Pixel, and utilize tags for effective marketing campaigns.

Customer Communication and Organization

Optimize customer communication and organizat`on with OctopusPro by:

  1. Ensuring continuous communication with customers, keeping them informed and up-to-date on all updates and discussions.
  2. Retaining a complete record of all communication history for future reference.
  3. Streamlining communication through the app, enabling fieldworkers to directly communicate with both customers and staff.
  4. Providing advanced customer search functionality for clients, jobs, invoices, and custom fields.
  5. Managing multiple properties and jobs per client, facilitating subcontracting and collaboration with builders and property management companies.
  6. Sending automated email reminders and offers to customers.
  7. Customizing fields and tags for easy client segmentation and sorting.
  8. Accessing the entire mail history between your business and your client with one click.
  9. Importing and exporting customer lists.
  10. Merging duplicate customers for better record management.

One Connected Workflow and Record Keeping

OctopusPro connects customer enquiries, quotes, bookings, invoices, and complaints for seamless workflow management. Keep detailed records and customer history organized in one place, and allow customers to rate your staff and services for quality control.

Additional Features and Benefits

OctopusPro offers a variety of features and benefits to enhance customer management and streamline your field service business:

  1. Easy Customer Search and Access: Quickly locate and access customer information using advanced search functionality, enabling you to efficiently respond to queries and provide top-notch customer service.
  2. Comprehensive Client History: Maintain a detailed record of all customer interactions, transactions, and payments, providing valuable insights for tailored marketing strategies and service improvements.
  3. Competitive Advantage: Respond rapidly to customer emergencies and service requests, outperforming competitors by offering exceptional customer experiences.
  4. Detailed Communication Records: Access complete logs of customer email and SMS interactions, ensuring smooth communication and collaboration across your team.
  5. Efficient Service Calls: Utilize customer history and preferences to provide personalized and efficient service, boosting customer satisfaction.
  6. Automated Reminders and Newsletters: Set up automated reminders for upcoming bookings, due dates, and send targeted newsletters to keep your customers informed and engaged.
  7. Accurate Arrival Time Estimates: Provide customers with precise arrival time estimates based on worker location and real-time traffic updates, enhancing customer trust and satisfaction.
  8. Customer Ratings and Reviews: Collect customer feedback on your services and team performance, allowing you to identify areas of improvement and maintain a high-quality workforce.
  9. Real-time Worker Tracking: Enable customers to track their booked workers through your website or app, offering transparency and improving the overall service experience.
  10. Duplicate Customer Management: Detect and merge duplicate customer records with automated tools and features, ensuring better customer grouping and data accuracy.
  11. Customizable Charges: Set charges depending on customer type and location, allowing you to offer tailored pricing structures that meet diverse customer needs.
  12. Manage Billing Cycles for Customers: Effortlessly handle billing cycles for your customers, offering flexible payment options and ensuring timely invoicing for recurring services.
  13. Customizable Invoice Due Dates: Manage invoice due dates at a company, customer, or invoice level, accommodating unique payment terms and offering a seamless billing experience.
  14. Labels for Customer Profiles: Create and add labels to customer profiles for easy management and filtering. For example, use labels to group customers based on their preferences for eco-friendly products, special service requests, or membership tiers. This segmentation can be utilized for targeted marketing campaigns, personalized newsletters, and efficient allocation of resources.

By leveraging these advanced features and benefits, OctopusPro’s customer management solution can transform your field service business, improve customer experiences, and promote sustainable growth.

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