Admin Approval for Fieldworker Changes

Admin Approval for Fieldworker Changes on OctopusPro

The ability to approve changes made by fieldworkers on OctopusPro is more than just a quality control feature. It’s a system that adds a safety net to your operations, preventing unnecessary misunderstandings and costly mistakes. As an admin, you get to monitor and control any changes in service details, prices, quantities, and customer information before they are finalized. This ensures that your services are always accurately represented and billed to your customers.

This feature is beneficial for businesses in various ways. For example, if you run a cleaning business and a fieldworker decides to add an extra cleaning service to a booking based on their assessment at the customer’s premises, this change won’t reflect immediately. It will wait for your approval. This gives you a chance to review the situation, confirm the necessity of the extra service with the fieldworker, and inform the customer about the change and any associated costs.

Or consider a scenario where a fieldworker reduces the quantity of a product in a booking because they’ve used less than anticipated. This change will also wait for your approval before it’s applied, providing a chance for you to double-check and ensure the change is valid before it affects the billing.

By controlling these changes, you can prevent any surprises in the billing for both your business and your customers. This feature not only helps maintain customer satisfaction but also enhances your business reputation for transparency and professionalism.

Table of Contents:

Setting up a Booking Approval Request from your Settings

Firstly, you’ll want to establish whether changes made by fieldworkers to bookings and quotes need your approval. You can set this up in the system settings:

  1. Go to Settings: From your OctopusPro dashboard, navigate to Settings > General Settings > Fieldworkers Permissions. This will take you to the “Fieldworkers Permissions” page.
  2. Adjust Approval Settings: Here, you’ll see the “Apply fieldworker changes without office approval” toggle. When this toggle is deactivated, any changes made by your fieldworkers will remain pending until approved by an authorized admin user.

  3. Save Settings: Once you’ve made your changes, remember to save your settings. If the toggle button is activated, any changes made by fieldworkers will be immediately applied, bypassing admin approval.

Viewing Bookings Waiting for Approval from the Fieldworker App

Once a fieldworker makes changes to a booking or quote in the Fieldworker app, these will be tagged as “Awaiting Approval” until an admin user approves them.

  • Check for Changes: Fieldworkers will be able to see their changes marked as “Awaiting Approval”. This notification signals that the admin user must review these changes.
  • Awaiting Approval: Fieldworkers will need to wait for admin approval before these changes are reflected in the system and seen by customers.

Approving a Booking as an Admin User

As an admin user, you have two ways to approve a booking:

  • From the Side Bar Menu: If there are bookings to be approved, you can go to Bookings > To Approve in the side bar menu. This will redirect you to the “Unapproved Bookings” page where all unapproved changes will be listed. Here, you can select what to approve or decline.
  • From Booking Details: Alternatively, you can go to Bookings > All Bookings, and select the specific booking you wish to approve or reject changes for.

Notifying Fieldworkers about Admin Approval

After the admin user approves or declines the changes, the fieldworker will be notified on their app. This way, they can stay updated with the status of their proposed changes and act accordingly.

This feature introduces a layer of quality control to your booking management process. By approving changes made by fieldworkers, you ensure that all amendments are accurate and necessary, maintaining service quality and customer satisfaction.

Get started with OctopusPro’s Fieldworker Change Approval System today and bring an extra level of oversight, efficiency, and trust to your field service management.

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