Create a New Estimate

Create a new estimate

When a customer makes an inquiry, staff should respond by creating an estimate, quoting the price of the service they require, to send to them. To create a new estimate:
  1. From anywhere on the system, select New at the top left of the page
  2. Use the drop-down arrow to select New Estimate
  3. This will bring you to the new estimate form. Fill in the information in the required fields
  4. If the estimate is for an existing customer, use the magnifying glass icon to search your customer list and select the customer
  5. If the estimate is for a new customer, use the + icon to enter the details of the new customer
  6. The form will allow you to add a follow-up date, the system will automatically send a follow-up email on this day
  7. Add a description to describe the nature of the estimate. It’s important to include information that the fieldworker will need to complete the job successfully here
  8. Add a service to the estimate by clicking + add service at the bottom right of the page
  9. When you have completed the form, click Save Changes
  10. This will take you to an automated estimate email, press Send to email to estimate to the customer

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