Managing your Account – App

Getting started with the field worker app

You can download the OctopusPro field worker app on your Android or iOS device.

Now that you have downloaded the OctopusPro app on your Android or iOS device, it’s time to learn how to accept and complete jobs using the app!  

Ensure you get assigned jobs that fit your own schedule and skills by navigating to your Profile in the app:

In the My Account tab:

  • Add and update your contact details so that the office can contact you regarding jobs
  • Set up your bank account details in order to get paid

In the Services tab:

  • Set up your schedule and activate the services you provide out of the services list

In the Tools tab:

  • Add details of the vehicle(s), tools, and products you have access to that can be used for services

When you get a new job assigned to you:

  • The app will send you a notification
  • The booking will appear on the Homepage

On the Bookings tab:

  • You can see all your upcoming and past bookings


By clicking on the booking, you can:

  • See the service description, quantity, and any additional information regarding the booking
  • Access the booking address and buttons for contacting the customer via the app, for example in order to notify the customer if you’re running late

Once you click on the I’m On My Way button, the customer and office will be notified.

When you arrive at the job site, click on the ‘Start Job’ button

  • Giving an estimated time of completion at this point helps the office reschedule any other bookings in case they would overlap
  • If your company requires you to document before and after photos, you can do it by clicking on ‘Add Photos’


Once you have finished the job, click on the ‘Finish Job’ button

  • You can choose between completed, in progress, and failed job statuses
  • Choose “completed” if you have fully completed all services on the booking
  • In case you need to return to the job site on another day, choose the “in progress” status
  • If for some reason you could not complete the service or the customer decided to cancel, choose “failed”
  • In case you performed more services than were on the booking originally, you can add more services before completing the job
  • You can also add any products that were used by clicking on ‘Add New Product’


Add after photos by clicking on ‘Add Photos’ if required, and click ‘Done’

  • Your booking will now be found in the ‘Past’ tab under Bookings
  • Check your Calendar regularly to know when you have more upcoming bookings


Remember, to edit your operational areas, you will have to log into your OctopusPro worker account in a web browser.

To set your operational areas, navigate to My Account in the top left corner.

  • Click on Contractor Availability to select the areas where you are able to travel for work

You’re all set and ready to start accepting jobs!

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