Blocking/Unblocking Fieldworkers

Blocking/Unblocking fieldworkers

Blocking is a feature that enables you to manage how you interact with other fieldworkers. You may use this feature to restrict specific fieldworker accounts from contacting them. If you are assigned admin, you will be able to block and unblock fieldworkers. Your fieldworkers do not even have access to their accounts on the app. When you block a user, you may still access their profile and activities.

Table of contents:

Blocking/ unblocking fieldworkers from the fieldworker list

  1. Go to Fieldworkers
  2. You will be redirected to the all fieldworkers list page, on the profile of the fieldworker you wish to block or unlock, enable the toggle for blocking you will find it below the user’s name.

You can unblock your fieldworker from the fieldworker list view. 

  • Go to Fieldworkers 
  • Then on the profile of the user, you‘d like to unblock under their name click on the toggle on the other side to unblock the user’s account.

Blocking/ unblocking fieldworkers from the fieldworker profile 

  • Go to Fieldworkers 
  • Select the fieldworker you want, click on the action button then view the profile of the user you’d like to block or unblock.

You will be redirected to the fieldworker profile page, where you can block and unblock the fieldworker user by enabling and disabling the toggle.

Blocking/ unblocking users from the company settings

  • Go to Settings > Company settings > Users 
  • You will be redirected to the user settings page, where you can access user details, edit important user information, and block and unblock user accounts.
  • Select the user you want, use the search input, type the first of the fieldworker you wish to block or use the filter to select the fieldworkers from the roles. You can’t block the general fieldworkers or admin users.
  • Click on actions then select from the drop-down menu “Block user”  

The system will display a popup window requesting confirmation of the action.

Or you can click on the name of the fieldworker and be redirected to the fieldworker profile page, where you can follow the same steps we already mentioned above.

  • Logging into a blocked fieldworker’s account app 

Accounts that have been blocked do not receive a message informing them that their account has been blocked. However, if a blocked fieldworker tries to log in to their account, they will be denied access and will see that they have been blocked. The blocked user will be unable to access their accounts, and no customers or tasks may be issued to that person. Blocking the fieldworkers is sufficient, as it means they no longer have access to the platform.

Users who have been blocked will no longer be able to check their bookings or comment on your work in the discussion board.


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