Add a New Category

Add a new category

If your business has multiple services, you can create different filter categories to organize them. This feature allows your customers to find the right service easily. Therefore, managing your services under specific categories will simplify the process of choosing the right service the customer needs while making a new booking or estimate. When making a new booking or estimate, all categories will appear for you to choose from. Then, all the services assigned to the category you chose will be shown for you. Otherwise, all services will be shown if you don’t choose any category.
You can assign as many services as you want to the same category or create all the categories you need. You can add the single service to more than one category. To add a new category:
  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Services Settings
  3. Click Services
  4. Click on Categories tab
  5. Click on Create New

6. Enter the name of your new category in Category Label. All services will appear to choose which to include under your new category. Select the services you want to include. You can add a description and an image for your new category.
7. Press Save

You can manage your categories and the services assigned to each category at any time from Services > Manage Categories.
You can delete a category from the arrow down beside the category name. But you cannot delete a category if it contains services. You have first to delete the services assigned to the category from Categories > Modify Services. Then you will be able to delete the category. You cannot delete all the categories; you must have one at least.

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