Viewing a Fieldworker’s Booking Summary

Viewing a fieldworker’s booking summary

You can view a summary of all bookings assigned to a fieldworker. It will show bookings categorized by the booking status. This is easier for checking the bookings for each fieldworker.

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Viewing the fieldworker’s booking summary

From the fieldworker’s profile

To view a fieldworker’s booking summary, go to Fieldworkers from the left sidebar menu, then click on a fieldworker to view their profile.

You’ll be redirected to the fieldworker’s profile page, under the Activity tab, you’ll find all the bookings categorized by their statuses under the Booking summary section.

From the booking list page

To view your fieldworker bookings go to Bookings > All bookings then click on Filters from the top right of the page, a pop-up window will appear to enter the filters and select the booking status and the fieldworker from the drop-down menus. Click on Filter. For example, if you want to check the completed bookings for Emma, select completed in the booking status, select Emma from the fieldworkers and click filter.

So now all the bookings completed by Emma will be filtered in the booking list page.

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