Managing and Editing User Information

Managing and Editing User Information

Maintaining accurate and current user profile information is crucial for effective communication, smooth operations, and efficient management. OctopusPro provides comprehensive functionality that allows individual users to update their own profile details, contributing to a more autonomous and engaged workforce.

Benefits & Functionality

  1. Data Accuracy: Regularly updated profiles help maintain data integrity, leading to efficient operations and effective communication.
  2. User Empowerment: By allowing users to manage their own profiles, you empower them to take charge of their information, fostering responsibility and reducing administrative overhead.
  3. Efficiency: Access to accurate and current user information expedites decision-making processes and boosts overall productivity.
  4. Admin Flexibility: Admins’ ability to edit user profiles caters to a range of scenarios, ensuring seamless role transitions and timely updates.

User Self-Management

Individual users, such as office staff or fieldworkers, have the autonomy to update their own profile information. This includes modifying contact details, address, profile pictures, and other relevant data to ensure their profile remains current. Moreover, they can customize their notification preferences to suit their communication needs.

Here is how your team members can update their own profile information:

1. Log into OctopusPro account.

2. Navigate to ‘My Account’.

3. Click on ‘Edit Profile’.

4. Update the necessary details.

5. Click ‘Save’.

By empowering users to manage their own profiles and granting admins the authority to manage these details, OctopusPro ensures that all user information is consistently accurate and up-to-date. This significantly contributes to efficient operations, smooth communication, and overall improved user experience within your organization.

By encouraging users to keep their profiles current and exercising your admin privileges responsibly, you can promote operational efficiency, improve internal communication, and cultivate a more engaged and effective team.

Admin Oversight and Profile Management

As an admin, you also have the ability to edit and manage the profiles of your users. This functionality is invaluable when updating necessary information, handling role transitions, or ensuring data integrity when users neglect to update their own profiles.

To edit a user’s profile information, follow these steps:

To edit a user’s profile information, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to “Fieldworkers” from your sidebar menu

2. Find the user you wish to edit, then hover over their display name and click on “View profile”

3. Make the necessary updates.

4. Click ‘Save’ to confirm changes.

Managing and Editing Fieldworker and Subworker Information

While the process of managing and editing user information is largely similar for all users, managing fieldworkers and subworkers involves additional steps, especially for admins. This is particularly important as fieldworkers and subworkers are often the direct point of contact with customers and therefore, their accurate profile and contact details are crucial.

For admins, the management of fieldworker and subworker information can be done not only from the general ‘Users’ page but also from the ‘Fieldworkers’ listing page. This page is exclusively dedicated to fieldworkers and subworkers, providing a more focused view of these key personnel.

Admins can follow these steps to manage and edit fieldworker or subworker information:

  1. From the main menu, navigate to ‘Fieldworkers’.
  2. Locate the fieldworker or subworker you wish to edit.
  3. Click ‘Edit’ next to their name.
  4. Update the necessary information.
  5. Click ‘Save’ to confirm the changes.

By allowing users to manage their own profile and granting admins the power to edit these details, OctopusPro ensures that user information is consistently accurate and up-to-date. This significantly contributes to better communication, efficient operations, and overall improved customer service.

Note: Only admins can perform editing tasks from the ‘Fieldworkers’ listing page. However, fieldworkers and subworkers have the autonomy to edit their own profiles from their individual accounts.

Note: You can’t change the assigned user role of an existing fieldworker to admin and vice versa. These roles, which entail different profile data and fields in the database, can only be assigned or modified by an admin. You can however change the user role of any admin user to any other custom role created, and vice versa.

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