Add a New Booking Status

Add a new booking status

The booking statuses are used to help manage the booking throughout its lifetime; from the time it is booked to the time it is completed. We created 10 booking statuses that describe the booking in all its conditions.
Each status has its own color and description. By clicking to the status itself, you can see its color and description. You can also see whether this booking status will be pushed to or deleted from google calendar, and whether a feedback request will be sent to the customer or not.



Users can select a status from our suggested statuses or a list personalized by you. To create a new booking status:
  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select General Settings
  3. Click Booking Settings
  4. Click Create New

5. Enter the status you wish to add
6. Choose the color
7. Press Save

To add a description to the new booking status, or modify adding or removing it from google calendar, click Modify Actions and Description

Send Customer Feedback Request: Decide if you want to activate sending  “request booking feedback from customer” email from the automated procedure.

Can have invoice: You can decide if this new status can be converted to invoice or not. This makes you able to change between other statuses that can have invoice too. You can change between booking statuses according to the booking’s conditions. For example, you can change the booking from in progress to completed to clarify that the booking’s condition now is completed. If you converted a booking to an invoice and you want to change the status of that booking, you can only change it to the statuses that can have invoice too. Statuses which can have invoice are: in progress, completed, failed, to do, cancelled, and on hold. Only booking with these statuses can be converted to invoice as it is not logical to convert unfinished bookings like “to visit” or “awaiting update” to invoice. For example, if you converted a completed booking into an invoice, you cannot change this booking from completed to “to visit” because “to visit” status cannot have invoice and the booking is already converted to an invoice. If you do so, this message will be shown for you.

That’s why we created Can have invoice flag for new statuses that you create. So when you create a new status, you can choose if this status can be converted to invoice or not. If you choose that the new status can have invoice, you will be able to change between this status and others which can have invoice too.

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