Adding FAQs for Each Service to Enhance Customer Understanding of Your Services

Adding and Managing Your Services Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In a digital world where information is expected at the click of a button, providing timely and relevant details to your customers is crucial. Implementing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for individual services in your settings allows you to offer quick and efficient support to your clients, addressing common queries and concerns, thereby improving customer experience.

This feature not only enhances your customers’ understanding of your services but also streamlines your business operations. It acts as a first-line support, reducing the load on your customer service team by answering repetitive questions, freeing them to address more complex issues. Moreover, this feature can help boost sales conversions by providing potential customers with the necessary information to make informed decisions. FAQs can be service-specific, related to specific custom fields, or general to your overall business, providing a comprehensive knowledge base for your customers.

Why add FAQs to your services?

FAQs are a tool used to answer common questions your customers might have about your services. They can include information about the execution process, reminders, instructions before and after appointments, payment terms, opening hours, refund policies, and cancellation policies. By adding FAQs that your company frequently receives, you can increase customer satisfaction and reduce manual customer support communication.

How can FAQs boost sales conversions?

Providing clear, concise FAQs can help to boost your sales conversions by showcasing the benefits and facilities you offer. When potential customers are browsing or requesting a quote, FAQs can address any concerns or inquiries they might have and persuade them to book your services.

Where do the added FAQs appear?

The FAQs, once added, are prominently displayed in multiple areas to ensure your customers can easily find and access this valuable information.

1. On the Service Page in the Customer Portal:

When a customer books a service via the customer portal, all related FAQs for that service will be displayed on the service’s page. To view these, customers should:

  • Navigate to the “Services” section in the customer portal.
  • Select and open the desired service.
  • The relevant FAQs will be listed on the side of the service’s page.

2. In the Customer Portal’s Main Menu:

You can activate the FAQs page to have its link displayed in the top menu of the customer portal. This menu collapses in mobile view and becomes a hidden side menu following the standard design. It provides a centralized location for customers to access all your FAQs, including general business FAQs not specifically assigned to any services.

To enable the FAQs link in the customer portal, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to Settings > Customer Portal > Flags & Permissions
  • Enable the “Display link to FAQs page in menu” option.

Disabling this option will remove the FAQs link from the customer portal’s menu.

3. In Booking Confirmation, Quote, and Inquiry Emails:

When a booking confirmation or quote information is sent to the customer, it includes the FAQs relevant to the booked service or the service being quoted. Additionally, when a customer inquires about a service, they will receive its FAQs in the inquiry confirmation and correspondence emails.

If you do not wish for FAQs to be emailed to customers, you can simply remove the related FAQs placeholder from the email template you wish to hide them from. Note that you have separate templates for quote-related emails, booking-related emails, inquiry-related emails, and so on.

To edit these templates:

  • Navigate to Settings > Communications > Templates & Canned responses
  • Click on “Emails” and select the email you need to edit.
  • Remove the FAQs placeholder and save your changes.

In this way, the FAQs system allows you to provide crucial information to your customers in a variety of contexts, enhancing their understanding and satisfaction with your services.

4. Automated FAQs Email through Communication Automation:

There’s an additional option to automate your FAQs communication process. Within your communication settings, there’s a feature to activate an FAQs email template. This automated email, loaded with relevant FAQs, will be dispatched to customers who have recently made inquiries or bookings.

To activate this feature, you need to:

  • Go to Settings > Communications > Automation
  • Find and enable the option for the FAQs email template.

You can customize the automation to run on specific days and times, ensuring that your customers receive this useful information promptly after their interaction with your services.

In case you wish to personalize the content of the automated FAQs email, you can easily modify this template. To do so:

  • Navigate to Settings > Communications > Templates & Canned responses
  • Search for and select the FAQs email template.
  • Tailor the content as per your needs and click save.

This adaptability allows you to add the most significant and applicable information, ensuring your customers are always up-to-date about your services. Remember, a well-curated FAQs email significantly enhances the customer service experience.

Can customers view the FAQs in my customer portal?

Yes, FAQs can be viewed in the customer portal, which is accessible via a menu on the main page. To enable this feature:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Customer Portal > Flags & Permissions.
  2. Enable the button “Display link to FAQs page in menu”. If you wish to hide this feature, simply disable the button.

How do customers filter my list of FAQs?

Customers can filter FAQs via the search box located at the top of the FAQs page on the customer portal. By entering a keyword, they can view all questions related to that topic.

Can I automatically email relevant FAQs to my customers?

Yes, relevant FAQs can be automatically included in various email templates, such as booking confirmations. These will be linked to the specific services the customer has booked, quoted or inquired about. To control this feature:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Communications > Templates & Canned responses.
  2. Click on “Emails” and select the email you wish to edit.
  3. Add or remove the FAQs placeholder as needed and click save.

How do I add, update, and link my list of FAQs?

Adding a new FAQ:
  1. Navigate to Settings > Communications > Questions and Answers
  2. Click on the “+Add Question” button.
  3. Fill in the question and answer fields in the “New Questions” popup.
  4. Click on “Save”.

Updating an existing FAQ:
  1. Locate the FAQ you want to edit from the list.
  2. Click on the “Edit Question” button next to the question.
  3. Make your desired changes in the pop-up dialog.
  4. Click on “Save”.

Deleting an existing FAQ:
  1. Locate the FAQ you want to delete from the list.
  2. Click on the “Delete Question” button.
  3. Confirm the deletion in the prompt that appears.

Linking an FAQ to additional services:

Sometimes, an FAQ may apply to more than one service. In such cases, you can link the FAQ to additional services.

  1. Locate the FAQ you want to link to additional services.
  2. Click on the “Add Service” button next to the question.
  3. From the dropdown menu, select the additional services you want the question to apply to.
  4. Click on “Save”.

By carefully managing and updating your FAQs, you can ensure that your customers always have access to the most accurate and helpful information regarding your services.

Adding FAQs related to specific services only

If you wish to link an FAQ to a specific service:

  1. On the “Frequently Asked Questions” page, select the desired service from the “Filter By Service” dropdown menu.
  2. Add your question as outlined in section 7.

Adding FAQs related to specific custom fields only

If a service has at least one custom field with multiple options (radio button, checkbox, dropdown list, button group, etc), you can define an FAQ for a specific selection. For example, if a massage service has a custom field asking about the type of oil to be used (e.g., coconut oil, lavender), you can add an FAQ specific to each oil type.

Adding general FAQs related to your overall business

To add general FAQs that apply to your overall business:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Communications > Questions and Answers
  2. Click on “+Add Question”. Fill in the question and answer fields, then click on “Save”.

This concludes the user guide for adding FAQs to individual services in your settings. By incorporating FAQs into your operations, you can enhance the customer experience and increase your sales conversions.

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