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Add Frequently Asked Questions for your services

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Why should I add FAQs to my services?

The frequently asked questions are a method that companies use to provide answers for the typical questions that customers might ask about their business.

  • The FAQs can include important information that is related to the services and the process of the execution. This can be considered a reminder to the customers to guarantee that the services are provided successfully. For example, a beauty salon can add the question “Should I avoid any chemical products before the hair treatment?” so by answering this common inquiry, you will guide the customers to get the best results. 
  • Using the related FAQs ensures that the customers are aware of the instructions before or after their scheduled appointments. For example, a reminder to pack all the items in boxes for removalists to pack the boxes, or a reminder to clear the area from all the furniture for carpet steam cleaning and also generic questions about payment terms, opening hours, refund policy, cancellation policy, etc)
  • When you add the questions that your company frequently receives, your new customers will be more satisfied because they can have all the information that might be in their minds. 
  • Also, the FAQs make the mission much easier for your customer support employees. Because this reduces the manual communications with customers inquiring about common issues as the FAQs provide the customers with the initial and basic details of the company, and contacting the company will almost be for the complicated and urgent requests only. 

How does adding FAQs to your services help increase sales conversions?

The FAQs of the company includes information about the provided services, all the privileges and facilities you offer. When your customers get exposed to such details while they inquire about your business or ask for a quote, this will encourage your customers and the potential customers to book your services and you’ll get more conversions. 

Where do the added FAQs appear?

  • The FAQs appear while booking the services from the customer portal. So, If you added FAQs for a service you provide, that will display all the related FAQs to this service on the service page. To check that, from the customer portal navigate to “Fieldworkers” from the right top drop down menu

Click on “View Profile” of the selected fieldworker

Click “Services”. 

When you open the chosen service, the FAQs of this service will be listed on the side. 

  • When you email your customers a booking confirmation email, you’ll find attached in the email the FAQs of this service for more details about their booking. 

Can customers view the FAQs in my customer portal?

Yes, your FAQs will be found on the customer portal as a separated menu on the top of the main page.

But to allow this button to be available in the customer portal for your customers, you should enable this option by navigating to Settings> Customer Portal> Flags & Permissions 

Enable the button “Display link to FAQs page in menu”. And to ban this button from the customer portal you can disable the button. 

Adding general FAQs related to your overall business

Navigate to Settings> Communications> Questions and Answers

The “Frequently Asked Questions” page appears

click on “+Add Question”. 

New Questions” pop-up will be displayed and you’ll find two fields to enter the question and the answer. Click on “Save” so the new question can be added.

How do customers filter my list of FAQs? 

Yes, when the customers preview the customer portal and open the FAQs tab, the page of the FAQs includes a search box on the top that allows the user to search for the needed keyword. So, the results only include the related questions to the keyword. The search box can be found by navigating to the customer portal, then after opening the FAQs page, the “Search FAQs” box is on the top page. 

Can I automatically email relevant FAQs to my customers?

Yes, some of your email templates have FAQs as a placeholder added to the email so when the email is automatically sent, the customers view the FAQs in the email. For example, when a booking is placed, there’s an automatic suggestion for sending an email template which is a confirmation email for this booking. This email includes the FAQs that are related to the booked service. So, only the FAQs that are linked to the customers quoted, booked services, or services inquired about will be displayed in the emails. Please note that you can control this option, because the email templates are editable and you can add or delete the FAQs from the emails depending on your needs. To edit the email templates, navigate to Settings> Communications> Templates & Canned responses 

Click on “Emails” and select the email you need to edit.

 Add or remove your FAQs placeholder and save.

How do I add and update my list of FAQs?

Navigate to Settings> Communications> Questions and Answers 

Next to your listed FAQs, you’ll find the “Edit Question” button. 

So, when it’s pressed, you can edit the question and the answer.

 “Add Service” button will open the drop-down menu of the available services that you can add the question for.

 Also, you can remove the question from the “Delete Question” button. 

Adding FAQs related to specific services only

If you want to add a question to be related to a service. From the “Filter By Service” drop-down menu, you will find a list with your available services to choose from, so the added question can be listed for this service. 

*Please note that when the “Frequently Asked Questions” page appears, the current FAQs of the company can be found on the middle of the page* 

Adding FAQs related to specific custom fields only

When you have a service that has at least one custom field added, and the custom field type has multiple options to select from (radio button, checkbox, drop down list, button group, etc) The added FAQ for this service makes you able to define the question for which selection. For example, if a massage business has a certain custom field asking about the type of the used oil during the massage. So if the field has 3 options, coconut oil and lavender. The added FAQ will have a pop-up field to select the type of oil the question is related to.

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