Add your Services Frequently Asked Questions

Add Frequently Asked Questions for your services

This section allows you to add frequently asked questions for your services and custom fields offered to your customers to help your customers when making a booking through your customer portal. These questions and answers are also in your default booking confirmation and booking reminder emails that goes to your customers, so questions and answers that are related to the services booked will be sent to your customers in the booking confirmation and booking reminder emails. Adding a specific service to each question allows users to filter FAQs by service so users only view questions and answers that are applicable to their query. To add a new FAQ:
  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Communications
  3. Click FAQs
  4. Click + Add Question

  5. Enter the question and answer
  6. Press Save

  7. To add a service to the FAQ, select + Add Service
  8. Use the drop-down arrow to choose the service that is relevant to this question
  9. Press Save
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