Sending Quotes to Customers

Sending Quotes and Cost Estimates to Customers

Offering a quote is an essential preliminary step in winning the trust and business of your clients. OctopusPro provides a diverse range of options for sending quotes, from admin-controlled processes to automated customer reminders, ensuring a streamlined process that can be tailored to your business’s specific needs.

This guide will illustrate the various methods you can use to send quotes – whether you’re an admin, a fieldworker, or your customers are generating their own quotes via your customer portal. In addition, we’ll explore any limitations and restrictions you should be aware of and compare these practices with standard protocols in the industry.

Sending a Quote as an Admin

As an admin in OctopusPro, you have the ability to send quotes from any quote view/manage page or quote listing page.

You can select ‘Email Quote’ or ‘SMS Quote’ to manually send the quote.

The templates used can be customized from under Settings > Communications > Templates & Canned Responses. This feature enables you to attach additional documents, edit the template during the sending process, and even deselect the PDF attachment if it’s not needed.

Customizing and controlling the way you send quotes helps to create a polished and professional image for your business. By providing your customers with clear, precise, and professionally formatted quotes, you can communicate effectively and provide all the necessary information for the proposed services.

Sending a Quote as a Fieldworker

If you have fieldworkers in your organization, they can also send quotes to customers if granted the necessary permissions.

This permission can be provided from Settings > General Settings > Fieldworker Permissions.

Allowing fieldworkers to send quotes can streamline your operations and speed up the quote delivery process. This feature enables fieldworkers to communicate effectively with customers, providing them with real-time quotes on-site.

Limitations and Restrictions

Fieldworkers can only send quotes if they’ve been granted the necessary permissions in OctopusPro’s settings.

Customer-Generated Quotes

With OctopusPro, your customers can generate their own quotes via your customer portal, if it’s enabled and integrated with your website.

This feature offers convenience for your customers, enabling them to generate quotes at their own pace and time. This can increase customer engagement and conversion rates.

Limitations and Restrictions

To utilize this feature, you must have the customer portal setup and integrated with your website. Furthermore, customers must have access to the internet and be comfortable navigating the portal.

Automated Quote Reminders

OctopusPro allows you to enable a number of automated reminders that send quotes to customers. This can be setup from Settings > Communications > Automations. You can customize all the templates used (email and SMS) for these reminders.

Automated quote reminders are a useful tool for keeping your customers informed about their quotes and can reduce the chances of lost opportunities, enhancing your conversion rates from quote to actual job.

Configuration Required

To use automated quote reminders, you must enable them under your OctopusPro settings.

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