Approve a Booking

Approve a booking

OctopusPro allows their admin users to manually approve bookings when their fieldworkers edit or change any details in a scheduled booking of a customer by changing the pricing, quantity, and details of the customer, or adding a service. These changes won’t apply automatically as they will remain pending until double-checked and approved by the admin user. From your settings, you can choose whether to set up approving your bookings manually or apply these changes immediately by your fieldworkers.

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Setting up a booking approval request from your settings

To set up a booking approval request for your fieldworkers, go to Settings > General Settings > Fieldworkers Permissions, you’ll be directed to the “Fieldworkers Permissions” page. 

Go to the “Apply fieldworker changes without office approval” flag, When the toggle button is deactivated, changes made by your fieldworkers will remain pending until approved by an authorized user.

When the toggle button is activated, the changes made by your fieldworkers will apply without going through the office or admin’s approval.

Viewing booking waiting for approval from the fieldworker app

When fieldworkers edit or change anything in the scheduled booking from the fieldworker app, after saving changes a “Waiting for approval” message will appear to your fieldworker to wait for your approval first to accept these changes.

How can admin users approve a booking?

You can approve a booking by two ways, either from the side bar menu or when you view the booking from the booking details page. 

If you have bookings to approve, From the side bar menu you’ll find “To Approve” button under “Bookings”, then click on the button, you’ll be redirected to the “Unapproved Bookings” page and all unapproved changes in any booking will be displayed to select what to approve or decline.

In another way, go to Bookings > All Bookings, then select the booking you wish to approve it.

How can a fieldworker get notified when the admin user approves an edit request?

The fieldworker will receive a notification on the fieldworker app after the admin user approves their changes on the booking.

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