Complaints General Overview


Here at OctopusPro, we understand that things don’t always run smoothly. This feature allows you to manage your customer complaints. It will help you to ensure that all complaints are resolved promptly and professionally.
The headings describe the complaints that will be shown under each tab. The number at the side of each tab shows how many complaints are currently in that category. Under each heading, complaints can be filtered by the type of complaint by selecting one from the drop-down box at the right of the page.


New New complaints that have not yet been dealt with
In Progress Complaints that are in the process of being resolved
Reopened Complaints that have been reopened and require action
Awaiting Approval Complaints that have been marked as resolved by the fieldworker but have not yet been approved by the office
Closed Complaints that have been resolved, approved and are now closed
To follow Complaints that have been deferred to a future date
All complaints All complaints
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