Sending an Authorization Email to a Fieldworker

Sending an authorization email to a fieldworker

When a new fieldworker joins, their email must be authorized before their profile is complete. You can maintain control over your fieldworker’s account by using the sending authorization feature, which allows you to change or revoke permissions at any time. For example, if you’re a business owner, you can use sending authorization to enable a third party. 

There are multiple ways to add fieldworkers to your account.

  • You can email your fieldworkers a link for them to sign up themselves, which is available in your customer portal settings.
  • You can have your fieldworker signup link visible on your website and customer portal.
  • You can add your fieldworkers manually from your user’s settings or fieldworker’s page which will email them a verification link.
  • You can import your fieldworkers via a CSV list from your user’s settings or fieldworker’s page, this will email each fieldworker in the list a link to verify their email.
  • You can sync your fieldworkers from your QuickBooks or Xero accounts.
  • Remember to always ask your fieldworkers to download the app before their account is created.

Table of contents:

Sending an authorization email to the fieldworker

To send an authorization email to a fieldworker

  • Go to Fieldworkers
  • Select your desired new fieldworker and view their detailed profile.
  • Click on the “Personal Details” tab, and click on the arrow to add more “Account details”  then click on the “Send Email Verification Link” link beside the email address.

The system will display a popup window requesting to send a verification email to the selected user, click “ Ok”.

Then The system will display a popup window requesting confirmation of the action, click “ Ok”.

You can find the email from the fieldworker profile click on the” Activity” tab and scroll down to “Email log” by clicking on add more and then clicking on  Received emails 

Verifying account as a fieldworker 

Once their account is created, they will need to confirm and activate their account using the activation email sent to them. Once they have activated their account, they need to go back to the app and sign in with their email and password. 

Here, they will need to sign up a second time and verify their email again as well. At this point, when they press the “Verify Account” button, they will be redirected to their account, where they can complete their profile.

Once confirmed and redirected to your account, they can sign out of here and log back into the app as a fieldworker. Now they are going to need to edit and update their profile. Visit the “Update a fieldworker’s profile” user guide for more information.

You won’t be allowed to log into your account until you verify it. Click on the “Verify” link in the verification email you have received. If you can’t find the email, check your spam/junk folder, as it might be there for some reason. If you still can’t find the email, you can request that it be resent to you.

For more information, please visit the OctopusPro user guide, and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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